Mines Little Theater announces new show

In issue 6, released back in December 2018, The Oredigger reported on the upcoming spring show season of Mines Little Theater. This paper would like to issue a correction to keep out readers upto date on the arts at the Colorado School of Mines. Due to extenuating circumstances outside of the club’s control the musical for this spring has been changed from Mamma Mia! to Love’s Labour’s Lost. This new show is a modern, and musical, take on the shakespearean classic. The original play was praised by critic John Pendergast who said “perhaps more than any other Shakespearean play, it explores the power and limitations of language, and this blatant concern for language led many early critics to believe that it was the work of a playwright just learning his art.” This adaptation does justice to the bards work by continuing in a tradition of complex wordplay and allusions while allowing itself to poke fun at the archaic english of Shakespear’s time. The show opens on four college friends returning from a night of partying at their five year college reunion. The four vow to give up drinking, partying, junk food, sleeping and girls for three years of celibate studying. The show’s opening number, “Young Men” is a comedic lament of the lifestyle they are giving up. As expected, this vow lasts all of five minutes because four girls from the boy’s past show up and hijinks ensues.  Other songs in this show include “I Iove Cats” which was described by Variety as “subversivly funny” and the soft rock ballad from 1991, “To Be With You” by Mr. Big. This show is full of laughs, powerful vocals, a wide variety of music styles ranging from rock to  Fosse style soft shoe and features a score from the duo of Michael Friedman and Alex Timbers who collaborated on the show Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

The other show for Mines Little Theater’s spring season, A Comedy of Interruptions, remains unchanged.


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