Student group spotlight: Fighting Hunger at Mines

    Have you seen a truck outside of Alderson Hall handing out food? If so, you saw Fighting Hunger at Mines at work!

   Dylan McLain, a senior in mechanical engineering, and Denver Luttrel, a senior in electrical engineering, created the club because they wanted to make a difference on campus and in Golden. McLain and Luttrel volunteered at Denver Food Rescue, an organization that works on limiting food waste while also feeding those in need. They wanted to try to do something similar in Golden that had the same goal to limit food waste and feed those in need. And thus Fighting Hunger at Mines was born.

    Fighting Hunger at Mines works with Golden Backpack Program, taking their surplus of food and distributing it on campus. “We learned that there are a lot of hungry students on campus, and they’re not eating enough, especially not enough healthy food,” McLain says. To combat this, Fighting Hunger at Mines provides foods such as local produce, bread, and dairy.

   Thus far, McLain and Luttrel believe the initiative has been a success. While they know they are not alleviating all of the hunger, they recognize that they are a new club and will continue to grow in influence. They have said finding support has been difficult however. Many people do not know the club exists, so Fighting Hunger at Mines does not have the manpower to do as much as they wish they could. They are also concerned they are not helping the students who need food the most. Fighting Hunger at Mines realizes that hunger is a touchy subject and not everyone is comfortable asking for help, but they hope that those that need food will take advantage of their distribution. “We just want students to get food and know their resources,” McLain says.

     On top of providing food, Fighting Hunger at Mines is also working to inform the Mines campus of the resources in the Golden Area so students know where to go if they need it. They will be having an event in Pedestrian Plaza on April 5th with different people in the Golden Community to highlight resources in the Golden community.

    Fighting Hunger at Mines posts when they will be distributing on campus on their Facebook page and in the Hungry Orediggers GroupMe group chat. If you would like to get involved in Fighting Hunger at Mines, they suggest contacting them through their Facebook page or go to meetings on Wednesdays at 6:00pm in BBW210.

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