Fortnite’s black hole

It was breaking news, millions were afflicted, and many individuals were left with nothing to do but wait. Social media was also in the dark left wondering what this meant and most importantly, streamers everywhere no longer had content. Cue Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden and pray for the best. Fortnite’s map went dark on October 13th, as the entire thing was absorbed into oblivion, also known as the black hole.

The catastrophic event did not initially come as a shock to many fans preparing for the next season. However, as several hours passed by and a full day, many fans worried that they wouldn’t see their beloved battle royale extravaganza come back to life. It took two full days for this multi-BILLION dollar operation revenue stream to come back online boasting new game mechanics, new customizations, and re-invented map that takes full advantage of the anticipation fans had. The map was actually leaked on Reddit over a month ago and debunked as a fake because of the leaked map’s lack of quality. The new map is vastly different from the previous with several new locations and more water, but don’t worry folks, now you can swim. The map is actually divided by rivers to encourage more use of the “natural” borders along with new boats to accommodate faster travel. Yes, while you’re in the thick of it battling for your life, you can take a dip in the water and enjoy the virtual scenery before death. In addition to this water activity, now players can swim instead of wading through the water, and even dolphin-jump. Even better, take your character and go fishin’. Th is is not just for kicks, catching fish will restore some health and give you a nice medal for your efforts. Even teamwork is encouraged more as you can carry your nearly dead enemies to safety before reviving them to get downed again. You can even shoot bandages at your teammates to give them a health boost.

Epic made north of $1,000,000 in a single day through the Apple store alone once the black hole closed and the new map was revealed. Th at number was put to shame a few months ago when season 10 was released and earned the company $5,000,000 on its first day. Meaning this company was willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands worth of revenue just to build hype for the event. Of course the overhaul probably required more time than usual, but still. Two full days of revenue were certainly a deficit that the company was willing to part with. The game became hyped to the point that streamers (also affected by the blackout) were giving out clues as to when the game was released. Ninja tweeted that if there were enough retweets, that he would release a hint: a taco. For many, this clicked instantly as taco Tuesday which gave relief to fans that the wait would soon be over. Of course, the black hole was also live streamed over several platforms. Twitch, popular live-streaming service, even crashed over the influx of over 1.6 million viewers at once, and over 4.5 million on YouTube.

Chapter 2 of this event shows immense promise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Thankfully the chaos has ended and balance has been restored to the world, well at least the world of Fortnite. Cheers to Epic launching yet another successful chapter of the most successful game seen since League of Legends and hopefully many more chapters to come.

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