Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

It is almost time for Halloween and I’ll admit, I have not decided on a costume yet. I’ll also place a bet that many of you have not had a chance to choose one yet with all of the homework and studying. Never fear because this is a list of last-minute, easy to put together costumes.

For this first costume, you’re going to need an athletic outfit, I recommend a t-shirt, shorts, good running shoes, and sweatband. Then you need to make a run to the Halloween store and the grocery store to pick up some fake gold medals and a loaf of bread. The advantage of this costume is that you have a great outfit to run away from creepy clowns and it comes with its own snack. What is the costume? A Bread Winner.

Next up is a costume that any Oredigger can wear. You’ll need to track down some graduation robes (maybe reuse your graduation robes from high school), safety pins and print out some pictures of cookies. Just pin the cookie pictures all over the graduation robes and become One Smart Cookie. A variant of this costume is attaching smarties candy to an old pair of pants.

If you have a friend, good for you, having friends is important but have you ever considered using your friend as part of a costume? For this costume, you need a green shirt, a white shirt and some iron-on letters to spell ‘envy’. Once you’ve attached the iron-on letters to the white shirt you and your friend can go to a Halloween party as Green with Envy.

If you’re a psychology nerd you can make a great costume out of a slip dress and a printer. You’ll need to print out a lot of terminology from the work of Sigmund Freud like ‘ego’, ‘id’ and ‘superego.’ Just attach those words to the dress and you have a Freudian Slip costume.

For this last costume idea, you will need an orange shirt and some felt. Take the felt and cut out the greek letter pi. Simply attach the felt letter to the front of the orange shirt and go carve pumpkins dressed up as pumpkin pi. Plus you can just keep wearing the costume until Thanksgiving.


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