Athlete Spotlight: Ford Edwards

The Oredigger Men’s Soccer Team finished the season with an overall record of 12-3-3, and a conference record of 10-1-3. With November 3rd’s draw against Regis, Mines clinched a regular season RMAC championship, and have secured the number one seed in the RMAC tournament over the Westminster College Griffins. This Oredigger team has looked very good on both halves of the field this season, with a goal difference of +18 (30/12). Statistically speaking, our Orediggers have 18.3 shots a game, which reflects the offensive talent the team holds. More than half of the players on the team’s roster have at least one goal to their name this season, which shows how cohesive this year’s squad is.

One notable player on this squad is senior captain Ford Edwards, who has contributed a career-high four goals this season, as well as two assists. Edwards plays as a midfielder for the Orediggers, and is not a stranger to playing in an attacking role.

Where did you grow up?

Edwards grew up only a few minutes away in Parker, Colordo.

Did you have any role model players growing up?

Edwards had three players that he looked up to as a player. Steven Gerrard, long-time captain for Liverpool FC; ‘Ronaldinho’, often regarded as the best dribbler of all time; and of course, Lionel Messi, a player who is disputedly the greatest player of all time. From Edwards’ style of attacking play from the midfield, all these players seem to be the exemplar he’s based his game off of.


Petroleum Engineering.

What made Mines attractive for you – athletically and academically?

Academically, Edwards chose Mines because “[it] was the best in the nation at petroleum engineering when I committed”. Edwards went on to say “Athletically, I had a few friends who committed to play [at Mines] as well. Aside from that, we have been consistently one of the best teams in our conference.”

What is your most memorable moment in your career at Mines?

Edwards recalled a game during the 2017 season, “Playing in the second round of the NCAA tournament. It was the most fun game I’ve ever played, and there were more than 2,000 people watching,” said Edwards. The game was Mines vs. MSU Denver, and Mines was victorious in a 3-1 showing.

What about soccer makes it the sport for you?

Edwards said “It is called a ‘players game’ because coaches cannot interact much while the game is going on. It is active problem solving and strategy”. Edwards went on to say that the game is much more mentally dependent. “You don’t need to be a fantastic athlete to be a fantastic player,” said Edwards.

Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?

“Sometime before warming up, I will take roughly a minute to first empty my mind, then envision myself being the best player I can be,” said Edwards.

Messi or Ronaldo – and why?

The ongoing debate in the world of soccer for the best decade and more has been which player is THE best- Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Edwards says it is Messi. “For me, it is a clear choice that it is Messi. Ronaldo has played at a world-class level, and will continue to, despite being older. That being said, there has never been anyone who has been able to read the game like Messi. The statistics of Barcelona’s record with and without him prove his importance” said Edwards.

Do you follow soccer on a professional level? If so, is your favorite club?

Edwards is a BVB Dortmund and Liverpool fan, “in that order”. Dortmund and Liverpool are German and English clubs, respectively.

How have sports influenced your life?

Sports have been a huge part of Edwards’ life. Edwards said it’s influenced “where I’ve gone to school, who I’ve become friends with, where I’ve traveled, how I push myself, etc”.

What type of work ethic has being a student-athlete given you?

Edwards says that being a student-athlete has made him have a much stronger than if he were not a student-athlete.

What would your words of advice be for a Mines freshman?

Edwards says the most important thing for a freshman is learning time management. “Time management is everything. Don’t get a poor GPA because you believe classes are too hard. Spend the time to do well in all freshman classes. Paying attention in class reduces time spent doing homework, and studying for tests” said Edwards.

The Orediggers are entering next week’s RMAC playoff tournament as the first seed, and will therefore have a first round bye. They are set to perform very well, currently with two wins in a row, scoring five and conceding zero on those last two. With only one more game in the regular season, Mines should be able to carry some good momentum into the postseason.

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