New decade, new year, new semester, same me?

You are coming off an amazing (or not so amazing) semester at Mines, ready to turn over a new leaf, ready to hit the gym and ready to join every club you thought was cool last semester but “didn’t have time”. Same as everyone else. The rec center is packed, stress tolerance is low, and sleep deprivation is creeping up on you. How did this happen? You didn’t realize the unstoppable feeling in your bones you came back with, was from your winter break. At this point, you have been back for a week and might’ve realized that all the things you set out to do this semester might not happen according to plan and fall into the “new year, same me” phase. Too often we come back after an extended break with a new outlook on life and re-energized. Ever stop to think why you did so well (or not so well) last year though? (This is NOT a lesson on SMART goals)

This semester, take more than a minute and pinpoint highlights of last year. Reflect on what your strengths and weaknesses were. The skies might be clear now but there’s a snowstorm waiting for you (seriously though, the snow will hit outta nowhere per usual). There’s a difference between optimism and magically being better at chemistry. You need to put in the work. Like anything in life, starting something new requires time and effort (something you may not have a lot of). That being said, “exercise more” doesn’t mean running 10 miles on your first day back. The intention of getting healthy is great, but overexerting yourself is pointless if you don’t have the motivation to run again, let alone walk. Time and effort mean pacing yourself towards your goal. Cramming 4 more hours into studying the night before exams are not going to solve your problems. Scheduling 4 more study sessions throughout the week will.  

“Cut out all the people in my life that are TOXIC”. (The best resolution, NOT) People can suck… occasionally. This doesn’t mean that you can avoid them the rest of your time here at Mines. Some people think you’re just as toxic FOR SURE. It’s a small campus, odds are you will see each other again. Especially if there’s only one section for a mandatory class. If these people are truly “toxic”, what’s the point of wasting energy on cutting them out of your life? Isn’t that the point of “new year, new me”? Moving on? Try putting that energy into another popular resolution “spend less”. However, I haven’t been too successful in that category, so good luck to you.  

There are plenty of resolutions and tips to go around, but don’t forget. New year, same me is also an option (not just a Snapchat filter). If last semester was great for you, why change it? You are allowed to say no to yourself and be happy. Just try to remember why it was great. And if you want, tweak it as much as you want to make 2020 even better.  

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