Where Did Marvin the Miner Go?

Marvin the Miner, the first official mascot of the Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. Yes, that bushy-eyebrowed, pickaxe-toting, suspenders-wearing mascot. Now wait a minute, doesn’t that title belong to the omnipresent Blaster? Nope: according to canon lore, Blaster debuted as a mascot at Rock the Lock on February 16, 2018 – it hasn’t even been two full years yet.

The thing is Marvin’s recently… gone missing?

We at The Oredigger have noticed his disappearance from our games as of late. Before we began our investigations, three main theories were procured from the student population: 1) Marvin stepped down because of black lung, 2) Marvin got trapped in a mine collapse, or 3) Marvin finally struck gold and could finally retire. (It’s only the first week and Mines students already back at it with the crippling cynicism)

Tim Flynn, the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, unfortunately, debunked all three: “Marvin is very much still around, but oftentimes we only have one mascot performer and their preference is usually Blaster since he’s a little easier to move around in. Marvin was at a number of events this fall, including in California for the NCAA cross country championship, and campus/admissions events as well – we try to use both whenever we’re able.”

Ah, poor Marvin having everything taken from him. Blaster has been a lasting symbol since the 1950s, being printed, plastered, published, and produced in every echelon and facet of the Mines community. Even PCJ’s Twitter handle is @ILoveBlaster. Marvin is named after Marv Kay, Mines alumni (1963), legendary Oredigger football coach (1969-1995) and athletics director (1995-2004). Marvin embodies a beautiful history and legacy now in the wolfing shadow of the Burro – an unstoppable force consuming our college culture. When Blaster invaded the stronghold Marvin held for so long, and the “Oredigger Duo” was formed, Blaster ousted Marvin from his pride and duty. Blaster was said to bring balance, not leave it in darkness.

All Marvin has left is the only mascot with an official Twitter. Please follow Marvin The Miner @MarvinMinerCSM, one follow = one prayer for Marvin.

To be honest, though, Blaster is more aesthetically pleasing and I’ll probably high-five him over Marvin any day, sorry.


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