Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners at a recent live performance. Image courtesy of Mitch Cutts.

Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners

Band Beginnings

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners (RMCM) is an indie, folk, rock-influenced band that grew from a high school group in Colorado Springs. RMCM’s eponymous album was released on the day of their graduation in 2017 and the band has since released two more albums, “Solstice” and “Subliming” in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The group actually recorded their first album inside of a closet before their parents upgraded them to a full bedroom to record. The best part? The lead singer, Mitch Cutts, is a Junior here at Mines. I was able to sit down with him and hear about how he was able to manage making music, getting a computer science degree and travel the world. How perfect is the name Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners for a Mines student? Better yet, the name wasn’t made in relation to CSM at all. Originally the band name was “Beethoven’s Hot Sister” and evolved from meme after meme into RMCM. The other members of the band are located in Colorado, except one who is playing soccer in England, which must make recording new music very difficult. Mitch describes the music-making process as something he looks forward to. It can take anywhere from two weeks to a year for a final product. “Every single break [we’re] in a room together yelling at each other and we love [making music].” The band constantly records different parts and sends it to each other until they feel it’s ready and has an “open flow, open responsibility” take on who takes on producing or guitar, etc.

Mitch Cutts

As mentioned before, Mitch is currently studying Computer Science – Data Science, here at CSM. He “works to travel” and has been to nearly 20 countries so far. He is a self taught musician as well, except for a couple years of piano lessons. Most recently, he travelled to Germany as part of his study abroad program via Mines. He has also visited China, several countries in Europe and hopes to explore more of the world every day. His lifelong goal is to become a teacher, which is fitting since he is currently a tutor for CASA. As for why he wishes to become a teacher, “the summers are the most important part” because the long stretch of time gives him time to dedicate to the band.


RMCM’s music is pure vibes. When asked how he hopes his listeners experience his music, Mitch responded “it’s pretty emotional, easy to study to, easy to listen to”. That’s exactly how I experience their music. For live shows the band wants the audience to “have a great time and leave the show with memories of a good performance.” Their sound is primarily instrumental leaning towards acoustic sounds typically accompanied by indistinct sounds that flow effortlessly. The band incorporates more instruments for their live shows to give it a little more energy. If you’re looking for some music to kick back and enjoy yourself, or have on while working on homework, this is definitely that speed. The band’s 1st album “RMCM” is their least produced, but also has some of its most popular songs “Lucerne” and “St. Paul”. Both songs heavily feature a strong piano presence. “Solstice”, their Sophomore album, develops a somber tone representing the struggles the band has gone through experiencing life in college. “Subliming”, their 3rd and most recent album evolves from those darker tones and into something beyond both albums. The 3rd album is tranquil and their best production to date. Three albums in just over three years? That seems like a feat without considering their long-distance relationships. It might be a while until the next album, but in the meantime, we have live shows to look forward to.

Live Shows

RMCM played their first live show and, as mentioned before, the band is geographically separated between Denver, Golden, and England! No, unfortunately the soccer player doesn’t fly across the pond to play shows, but he does manage to still record his parts of any track as well as lend a fresh ear to new music that’s written by the band. Mitch describes the live shows as “super fun, a different speed” in addition to the rollercoaster of an experience experiencing pre-show stress to performing fun. He says, “getting some chemistry and learning how to play with other people with music has been really hard but super fun too.”

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners are set to play LIVE in Denver February 23rd. Be sure to give them a listen on Spotify or Apple Music and visit them at https://

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