Trump Acquitted by Senate

On February 5th, the Senate voted on whether or not Donald Trump should be acquitted from the two articles of Impeachment presented by the House of Representatives. After a trial without witnesses, 52 Senators voted to acquit on both articles of Impeachment. Some have called this event the death of American democracy, while others rejoice that Donald Trump will remain in office. Further rifts are opening between the American people, our politicians, and the major parties themselves as lines in the sand are drawn between party members in the wake of the Senate trial. 

One aspect of the Senate Impeachment trial that made headlines was that Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican for the state of Utah, became the first senator to vote for the impeachment of a president from his own party. While Senator Romney was still in the minority of votes, it is not fully known what his decision will mean for the Republican party as more fissions erupt between some party members and the President. There have been a number of mixed reactions among Republican politicians and the general public about Romney’s actions against a president from his party. 

Donald Trump has not kept quiet about his reactions to the trial and those he viewed as attacking him, including Democratic members of the House and Senate, as well as Senator Romney. On February 6, during the National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump used his speech to regale the entire impeachment process calling it a “terrible ordeal.” He also used this time to accost Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Romney, while speaking of the supposed heroism of Republicans that voted for his acquittal. 

The American people have also been letting their feelings about the acquittal be known, as protests began across the country after the vote was made. Roughly 200 people gathered in Washington DC at the Capitol Building to express their anger at the outcome of the trial. Dissenting voices and those in favor of the acquittal have all taken to social media as well to share their thoughts on the trial. During a presidential term that has created huge rifts in American opinion, the Impeachment outcome has added fuel to the fire on both sides of the aisle. 

The contestation and drama surrounding the Impeachment trial have left people wondering what will come next, not only with the remainder of Donald Trump’s term but also the Republican party, and any impeachment inquiries into future presidents. Will the decisions made by Senate Republicans set a new precedent for impeachment trials? How will the history books discuss the current events of our time? Will the Republican Party still be a united force after the actions of Romney and the few others of his party who joined him in voting against the President? These questions are plaguing the minds of many as 2020 continues. 

Tensions only continue to build between the President and Congressional Democrats, protestors, and some members of his own party. There are no signs of any relief from the mounting pressure and it will most likely continue to build towards critical mass as the election year continues. The only things that are certain are that Donald Trump was impeached but will remain in office and continue to fight for a second term. Meanwhile, the opposition is narrowing down on a candidate to face him on the ballot, and dissenting Republicans are deciding whether or not to throw their own hats into the ring. 

What will come of the Trump Administration in the future? Only time will tell.

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