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What happens when you have pandemic restrictions for gatherings, a grand budget of almost zero, and a call for something to do on a weekend? Create48! So what happened? On September 5th, the organizers (Geoff McIntyre, Summer Jackson, Jessie Fehrenbach, Chris Wilhoite) finished preparations in the evening just as the participants showed up. With everyone…


Golden Area Trail Network Grows

South Table Mountain Park Trails. Images courtesy of Jefferson County. This summer, two major trail building projects progressed on public lands in the Golden area. The first project is a buildout of trails on the western half of South Table Mountain Park. The second project is an extension of the Clear Creek Trail father into…


International Students Face Extraordinary Challenges

Countries of origin for Mines international students; the darker the country, the more Mines students. Image courtesy of Undergraduate Admissions. According to the “Mines by the Numbers” site, 10.4% of the student body were international students last year. With a combined enrollment of 6,522, that means that there were 679 international students. That means 679…

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