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After endless construction, campus opened this fall with Spruce Hall, Jackson Hall, and the parking garage (some of which may or may not be still under construction…ahem). Awkwardly, a pandemic happened and our new structures ready-ish to support everyone were reduced in capacity. Given the world being on fire, collegiate policy a hot mess across the country, and fees increasing anyway, how many first-year students are enrolled this year exactly?

The Mines group Institutional Research holds the data to answer such questions. I reached out regarding our new first-year class size. First a caveat: the data on enrollment each semester is not finalized until census day. Therefore, keep in mind the data for fall 2020 in this article is only preliminary.

The short answer is 1,361 incoming undergraduate students for fall 2020. Because everyone here likes math or something, here’s a graph (enrollment data from Institutional Research bi-annual reports).

Lori Kester, the Associate Provost of Enrollment Management, provided insight regarding enrollment during this difficult year:

“We know this has been a tremendously difficult time for all students. Some lost the best months of their high school senior year, while others were unsure of what campus would look like when they returned. But I think what most people have come to realize is that students need college and their Mines community.

Currently, we have 1,189 incoming first-years confirmed for fall 2020. We also have 172 transfer students confirmed. In total, we have 1,361 incoming undergraduate students…Our overall enrollment is looking strong for continuing undergraduate students. Currently, we have 5,205 undergraduate students registered for fall 2020. Our goal for fall 2020 was to bring in 1,200 freshmen, so as of right now we are close, but did fall short due to the challenges we faced this year.”

On an ending note, welcome again to the Class of 2024. We didn’t expect to meet you like this, but we’re glad you’re here. When we’re finally out, from Mines and COVID-19, I imagine our work is cut out for us as scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers. Looking forward to working with you all.

Oh, and that R-squared value in my graph is higher than most iron labs I’ve seen. Nice. •


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