Flying Through Books

The hobbies gained in 2020 were plentiful, ranging from baking to running, as everyone tried to put their quarantine freetime to good use. Although productive activities were an excellent route to pick, let’s face it, 2020 was extraordinarily rough. While living in the moment is a notable piece of advice, all I and many others wanted to do was escape it. Instead of sitting at home, we wanted to experience new worlds, meet new people, and live through more exciting stories than our quiet, quotidian quarantine. This was a popular way of thought as many people turned to books to escape reality, causing book sales to increase last year. Although many bookstores thought that business would go down, this turned out to be the opposite as avid readers turned to online alternatives to continue their reading ambitions. The idea of escaping stood out as fantasy books sales in particular rose. Even more than that, nonfiction book sales skyrocketed. Although I prefer to use books for escapism, quarantine was also a perfect time for readers to educate themselves, leading to this increased desire for educational books. Book sales maintained high throughout the year as people prepared for prolonged isolation and, once everyone settled into quarantine, wanted to further their reading. Although we all hope for a better 2021, the stories and topics learned from our books in 2020 will be well-remembered by helping us survive that dreadful year. 

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