Jam Session at Mines

Image courtesy of Lauren D’Ambra.

Last Saturday, the Karaoke Club held a Jam Night session in the Green Center. The event(around 10 people) featured multiple instruments along with live karaoke. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a limit number of 25 people could show up, with a mandatory RSVP in place. Additionally, many participants were required to bring their own instruments. However, despite the restrictions set in place, the event turned out to be a success, with many enjoying the karaoke even if they were beginners. “I really liked it,” said a member after attending.

The coronavirus hasn’t been good news for musical activity on campus. Due to social distancing, many of the events that have taken place in the past are unable to continue this year. It’s difficult to practice when you are six feet apart, as any band member would attest.

Additionally, it has been more difficult to meet people with musical interests due to fears over coronavirus. Many people are spending less time on campus, and with remote learning, it’s difficult to connect with others. After all, while it can be hard to introduce yourself to new people, it’s even harder to introduce yourself with a mask on.

Still, there have been efforts to find people to “jam” with. Many have posted on the popular forum Reddit, looking for other posters on the Mines subreddit who play instruments. Furthermore, a couple of Discords have been created, all with the intention of grouping musically-minded students. “It’s our goal,” one of the moderators stated, “To further the interest of music in our community.”

In the future, the karaoke club hopes to continue holding events. The President, Ariel Ben-Benjamin, told me that he hopes to host an event in Brown Center, as well as more in-person activities. Eventually, he is hoping that the club expands beyond Mines, reaching a wider Golden audience. It’s a bold and promising vision for the new club.

As for the rest of Mines, we’ll have to wait until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted before we can easily play in groups together. But there is still the E-Days concert, which is allowing student musicians to perform together. Of course, there will be mandatory testing and mask-wearing for all involved, but it is a positive step forward for Mines. One day, eventually, we’ll be able to stop worrying about corona and resume our lives as normal. But until then, rock on, from a socially responsible distance.

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