How I Met Your Father TV Show Review

By Jade Glaister

Following the theme of the well-known 2005 to 2014 show, “How I Met Your Mother,” the new show, “How I Met Your Father,” was released on January 18. While maintaining many characteristics and personalities of its origin, HIMYF adds a modern twist that makes the show more suitable for watchers today. This show follows the hopeless romantic Sophie, played by Hillary Duff, as she searches for “the one” that will eventually become the father to her child. On this journey, she finds a friend group that brings about many exciting stories which she tells her son in the future. 

After recently finishing HIMYM for the first time, I was excited to see the similarities between the two shows. The use of storytelling to the narrator’s children keeps the connection between the shows alive. In HIMYM, the frequent flashforwards to Ted’s conversation with his children keeps the audience engaged and reminded of the true meaning of the show. As the watcher picks up hints about the mother throughout the show, they become desperate to discover the identity of the mother. Despite there only being a few episodes of HIMYF released, viewers are already anxious to learn who the father is, causing discussion to arise and bring together a community of watchers. It was also comforting to see many similarities between characters in both shows as they both included a hopeless romantic lead, a marriage cynic, and a recently engaged friend. Even more excitement was brought when the newer show revealed that a couple of the main characters live in the same apartment as those in HIMYM. These connections made the newer show significantly more intriguing for HIMYM fans. 

Although the attempts at modernizing the show are often awkward, HIMYF has still been fun to watch, and I am looking forward to seeing how the show progresses. New episodes are released every Monday night on Hulu, and I strongly recommend giving it a try, especially if you have seen HIMYM. 

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