Marvel’s Moon Knight Trailer Released

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By Lauren D’Ambra

Marvel Studios surprised their fanbase on Monday last week with the release of the trailer for their newest Disney Plus series: Moon Knight. The show, along with several others, was first announced back in November of 2021 on Disney Plus Day. Marvel’s Instagram announcement was simply captioned “Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, an original series, coming soon to Disney Plus” and little was known about the show then, except that it would star accomplished actor Oscar Issac. Marvel Studios has yet to have a bad project, so Marvel fans were intrigued and excited at the show’s potential.

The arrival of the one minute and fifty-seven second trailer has left Marvel fans in a state of skeptical excitement as the series looks to bring some major changes to the character of Moon Knight. For those unfamiliar, in the Marvel Comics, Moon Knight (aka several different people, but mostly Marc Spector) is a former mercenary turned superhero after succumbing to wounds received on a dangerous job and being “reborn” in an Egyptian temple as a “knight of the moon”. Moon Knight has made various comic book appearances over the years and even made a one time appearance on the animated Avengers Assemble cartoon. Fans of the comic book character are looking forward to seeing their favorite make his MCU debut.

Given the extensive comic book history Moon Knight has, Marvel fans were surprised when the trailer revealed that the show would revolve around Steven Grant, a different alter ego of Moon Knight. The show’s brief synopsis states that Steven Grant, who suffers from “blackouts and memories of another life” discovers that he has a dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with “mercenary Marc Spector”. The two men are then forced to “navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt”. While the synopsis was definitely not what fans were expecting, Marvel fans continue to be intrigued and appear to be looking forward to the general mystery of the show.

Marvel appears to be keeping themselves tight lipped in regards to the show, but that hasn’t stopped fans from carefully combing through the trailer to look for Easter eggs and clues all Marvel movies have come to be known for. Several wild fan theories are already circling the internet, some plausible and some a little out there. Marvel fans will just have to wait until March 30th to get all their Moon Knight Questions answered!

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