Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Every Mines Student

by McKenna Larson

  Here are my top ideas for pumpkin carvings themes for Mines students, but be sure to

customize and get creative with colored candles, paints, or anything that suits your style! Don’t

forget to roast the seeds for a yummy snack.

Spooky Ideas:

  • A failed calculus exam
  • Coolbaugh room 209
  • Your favorite (or least favorite) professor as a zombie
  • Increased tuition costs
  • Adult responsibilities like having children, paying a mortgage, really get creative here there’s lots to fear about adult life

Mines Pride:

  • Blaster, maybe even in costume
  • The M (simple, but a classic)
  • Slacklining on Kafadar
  • Symbols of your major

Math Related:

  • An equation that would scare your friends and neighbors
  • A stylized portrait of Archimedes

Chem E/Chemistry/BioChem

  • Chemical compounds that would make a child cry just looking at them
  • Just use organic compounds to carve the pumpkin and see what happens (remember, chemical burns are very Halloween-y).

Mech E

  • A value rounded to 5 significant figures—Don’t let Derrick Rodriguez see this one
  • The limited job availability in Aerospace engineering

Geology/ GE/Geophys

  • A cool rock or a person licking a rock
  • The geologic time scale—nothing is more terrifying than feeling insignificant by the scale of the world


  • A black hole devouring the universe
  • Throwing things off the Leaning Tower of Pisa


  • Pathogenic bacteria, the tiny serial killers we know and love
  • Mitochondria: The powerhouse of the cell

Comp. Sci:

  • Binary code (spell something fun)
  • Artificial intelligence (good or evil)


  • Structures of whatever ceramic is currently haunting your nightmares
  • Dr. Bourne’s guide to lab report writing


  • A bridge (to make it spooky you could make a collapsed bridge)
  • A shear/moment diagram-the more complex the better


  • Water contamination report
  • Turn your pumpkin into a dam/reservoir to serve punch from. Just make sure it doesn’t collapse!


  • Thinking outside the box
  • Something that can be used for your design project. Turn in the pumpkin. I dare you


  • The current state of our national economy
  • Capitalist mastermind Adam Smith fighting Karl Marx to the death


  • Our depleting natural resources (terrifying!)
  • An oil spring bursting from the Texas dirt like in an old black and white movie


  • A crazy, wild, fun detonation
  • An abandoned mining town (maybe haunted)


  • Put some electrodes into the pumpkin and try to bring it to life or power a clock with it
  • Draw a complex electrical diagram to scare and astound the uninitiated

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