Spooky Season Decoration Debate

by Jade Glaister

Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and the word “pumpkin” can be seen everywhere. The autumn season is upon us, signaling that it’s nearly that time of the year: spooky season. But, when does this season of all things scary and haunted actually begin? More importantly, when should Halloween decorations be put up? Believe me, I love decorations as much as every other holiday fanatic (my best friend during the Halloween season is a lovely, hanging witch named Mrs. Cacklewack). So, I obviously cannot wait to walk by rows of houses decked with ghosts, skeletons, and other beautiful yet terrifying decorations. However, there needs to be a line as to when it all begins. Yes, it’s autumn, it’s exciting, and everyone is anticipating the spirit of Halloween. But, this does not mean it’s time for the decorations to come out. September should be simply autumn, with lots of colorful leaves, uncarved pumpkins, and flannels. These are all fantastic things, but there should not be anything Halloween involved in this month of pure autumn. October, on the other hand, is full-blown Halloween, in which every person should go all out in the name of spookiness. Once this fabulous month begins, then it’s acceptable to put up Halloween decorations. I say this with absolute certainty, so I hope you heed my warning and don’t put up those incredible decorations until October 1st.

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