Weird Graduation Gift Ideas

By McKenna Larson

  • Student debt payment countdown clock. 
    • Friends don’t let friends miss payments
  • A Job Rejection preparedness kit
    • This should at least include tissues and some kind of card that says, “you were too good for that job anyway.” Anything else can be added that someone would need to keep Live-Laugh-Loving their way through the job market
  • Tuxedo t-shirt for a professional interview look
    • Some graduates don’t know how to get ready for an interview so set your graduating friend on the right path. 
  • An effigy made of assignments and textbooks
    • The work is dead to them now, have a fun time getting rid of anything school related. 
  • A consultation with a medium or psychic
    • Finding the right path after school sometimes requires a mythical touch. Put your faith in psychics-for-pay to let a friend know what should be done after graduation
  • Perform a dramatic reading of their transcript at their graduation dinner 
    • It will be the true event of the night

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