Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts

By McKenna larson

Looking for some out of the ordinary gifts to make this Valentine’s Day the most magical one yet? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve assembled some wonderfully wacky and weird Valentine’s Day gift suggestions that are sure to make your significant other question everything!

Instead of a teddy bear try…

A Furby, they are more unique 

A kissing disease or herpes plush toy

A goose from Kafadar 

A Mines Rover

Instead of flowers try….

A loaf of garlic bread 

A Venus fly trap or other carnivorous plant 

Fold their old exams into flowers

A nice rock 

Instead of a card try…

Carving a pumpkin or squash into a card

Hire senior Mines student James Talbot to sing them a Valentine’s Day song 

Sticky notes covering their car

Writing a message on their forehead as they sleep so they can see it in the morning 

Buy them dental insurance 

For the COVID Safe…

Hand sanitizer bouquet

N95 masks to kiss through 

A vaccine 

For the more romantic…

A pillow or blanket with an image of your face on it 

A two-person sweater 

Learn to cook just don’t burn the house down 

A Cameo from PCJ

Lock of your hair in a Victorian locket 

Ice skates to travel across the icy sidewalks of campus 

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