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Image courtesy of Zachary Barry.

Listen to Love

This whole idea really solidified in my head when I was talking with my parents about what really constitutes a love song. Of course, my dad mentioned ‘Closer’, by Nine Inch Nails, and we all laughed a bit, but then I got to thinking: what really is a love song? I’ll start off by saying…

Flying Through Books

The hobbies gained in 2020 were plentiful, ranging from baking to running, as everyone tried to put their quarantine freetime to good use. Although productive activities were an excellent route to pick, let’s face it, 2020 was extraordinarily rough. While living in the moment is a notable piece of advice, all I and many others…

Eat With Your Ears

Without a doubt Live Forever from Bartees Strange is my standout release this issue. It feels like a bit of a trip moving from straight pop-rock in “Boomer” to dark electronica in “Flagey God’’, and it should. The album is Strange’s commentary on music industry classifications, and while I could try to tell you that…

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