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Helluva Hot Take: Career Day Culture

Another Career Day has come and gone, and at this point in my time here at Mines, I’ve become a little disillusioned.  Don’t get me wrong – looking back on my adventures into the void that is the CSM Career Fair, I see the benefits. I have gotten internships based on meeting employers in the […]

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You probably aren’t calling your mom enough

Here at the Oredigger, we like to claim we give good advice that may help you in your time here at Mines and beyond – especially here in the Health and Wellness section. This is not a preface to say we are changing things, because you better believe we’re going to keep giving you unsolicited […]

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Graduation: We’re All in This Together*

*Except at graduation. For that we get divided into three separate groups We’ve officially made it a full week into the semester, and the countdown timer on my phone has started ticking towards this upcoming May and I’ve already started to visualize myself walking across a graduation stage (to be fair, half of those visualizations […]

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A man, a bear, and a pig walk into a theater

On an evening much too brisk for most students to leave the comfort of their dorms and apartments, a group of motivated individuals braved the commute to Miner’s Alley Playhouse in order to witness an event that would change their evenings for the better (especially after having their hopes crushed by not having a single […]

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Looking Up — We Mean Back — at Homecoming 2019 with Mae

Fellow Orediggers, once again Homecoming has come and gone during which we hopefully got to celebrate being half way through the semester (with our equally exhausted peers) and attend exciting events that didn’t make our wallets sad. In the spirit of any good Mines student, we were also ecstatic to welcome our world-renowned Homecoming Distinguished […]

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The Curse of Mines

     In 2001, The Oredigger published an article emphasizing this hypothetical “Curse of Mines,” to which I scoffed at and read skeptically – as who was I to believe that my classmates and I were cursed? The author back then probably just had taken a rough heat transfer exam and wrote it out of spite. But, […]

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Rise and Shine

Maybe we’re just looking out for your health – and helping out the Snorediggers Instagram following too. If you were to ask any medical professional, they would tell you the average college student should get anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep to which Mines students have responded with, “Challenge Accepted.” It’s true that […]

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Guess Who: 2020 Presidential Election Version

Because honestly, does anyone really know every person who’s thrown their hat in the ring? For some of us, the presidential election of 2016 feels like just yesterday, and for some, the excitement of being able to vote for the next president of the United States is rising. However, with the election over a year […]


Make the Most of Your Freshman Year

     One month into the start of school and everyone on campus seems to be figuring out how to either be college students again, or for some, figuring it all out for the very first time.       That’s right, first years, we see you, walking with your lanyards around your necks, holding all […]

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Mines Veterans Alliance Heroes Dinner

     Colorado School of Mines is a historic institution that rooted itself in the story of Colorado long before any of us who currently walk its bricked sidewalks were present. Until the late 70’s, Mines actually required all students to be involved in ROTC, which as we know now, is an optional program for […]