Articles by Jake Rezac

Website has arguable morals, big decision

Recently, a friend showed me a website,, created by a Minnesota couple, Pete and Alisha. Pete and Alisha have been married for about 8 years, and are expecting a child. On their site, they post news about their pregnancy, including updates on doctor visits and current ultrasound photos. This site is also a poll in which web-users can vote on whether Pete and Alisha should keep or abort their unborn child.

Scientific discoveries this week: 5-3-2010

Beijing, China – A new study shows that certain dinosaurs changed the appearance of their feathers during adolescence. Somewhat like modern birds, who molt while growing, the study suggests that the basic structure of dinosaur feathers changed as they grew. The study’s authors analyzed two 125 million-year-old fossils of the feathered dinosaur, Similicaudipteryx. One of the dinosaurs, presumed to be younger because of its size and skeletal structure, had ribbon-like bases on its feathers. The older dinosaur, however, had quilled feathers along the base. It is presumed that this change took place after the animals molted and their feathers grew back.

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