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Minds at Mines: Motivation

There are now less than three weeks until finals begin and, for most, the long year weighs on the shoulders and motivation is hard to come by. Whether bright-eyed freshman or a senior itching to graduate, Mines minds need to stay motivated in the crucial stretch to the end. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What keeps you motivated?”

Geology Department moves onto Kafadar

Mines administration, USG, GSG, and the Geology Department have all agreed that having a department building for Geology is useless, so all Geology classes will now be held out in Kafadar. “They’re always on Kafadar anyway,” said President Scoggins. This includes the classes already out on Kafadar, such as Structural Geology, but will also include freshman GEOL101 all the way to graduate-level petrology. TAs and professors will hold office hours while hammocking or slacklining.

Slate gives free cooking classes to graduating seniors

New graduates are not known for their chef skills, often ordering pizza every day and sometimes combining leftovers that do not combine well into one dish. Thankfully, Slate Café has been offering the chance of a lifetime the past week to seniors expected to graduate in May. Students who will be grad students are not welcome as voted on by student government and are instead offered a two-week course called “Scavenging”. GSG was fine with the ruling (as they are with most rulings) and said, “Ain’t nobody got time for [cooking].”

Guggenheim Bell-ringer Revealed

For years, the Mines community has wondered who is the person responsible for the beautiful bell-ringing coming from Guggenheim. Cynics have claimed that the bell sounds are fake and electronic and until now no one has known what to believe. Upon sending a freshman writer to climb Guggenheim one evening, The Oredigger has discovered that the bell tower is indeed authentic, and has also found the identity of the bell-ringer: Jake Larson.


Minds at Mines: Best movie of the year (so far)

Every semester is different, and that means the amount of movies watched per semester is different for many students. Yet, even with a small sample size, it seems that most Mines students have been able to chill out, relax, and see a film, whether it just premiered like “Divergent”, or it has been a childhood favorite like “Anastasia”. We wanted to know the best movies out there that Mines kids are watching right now, so this week, Mines at Mines asked, “What has been the best movie you’ve seen this semester?”

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