Articles by Kathy Cheng

I am currently a sophomore at Colorado School of Mines, majoring in Chemical Engineering. My hobbies include reading, writing, and playing tennis.

Hidden Remains: Chapter 5: Stolen

It was a path that Nilast knew well, having taken it quite a few times as child. It was left at the corner, right after the old oak tree and another right at the worn cross-section. He cringed at the burned remains of the hut that he had grown up in and he could only guess that the bodies in front belonged to his parents. He slowly made his way around to the back, his heart suddenly in his throat as he spotted the still form of his younger sister.

Her body had gone stiff, a sign that the destruction and death was not recent. Her eyes were open, dried blood trailing along her lips. Her dress had been stained, a gaping hole in her stomach where some weapon had been tore through her. Nilast gently covered her eyes, swallowing thickly before standing. Lightning traced across his fingertips and with a flick of his wrist, the element slammed into the still form. Fire roared to life where his sister lay, her body a fuel to its flames.

Hit The Courts with Mines Tennis

Tennis is a global sport well known for its complicated scoring techniques and how fast the ball can fly. The subtleties in technique and footwork are admired in tennis players when newcomers enter the court for the first time. On campus, there is a group of students that seeks to improve on their these techniques while experiencing the fun and joy that comes with the sport.

Hidden Remains: Chapter 1: Awakening

The sun had just kissed the horizon when the birds hushed their daily calls; the howls of the wolves died and the owls fell silent. The darkened sky gained an orange hue even as the wind shuffled the leaves that remained on the trees. The foxes abandoned the forests surrounding the Seine Mountains and in a distant forest a sword began to hum.


Faculty Spotlight: Renee Falconer

Loved by a majority of her students, teaching professor Renee Falconer imparts on her students more than just the chemistry that is taught in her classes. She welcomes all of her students with open arms and an open office, and makes the courses she teach about them and their learning experience rather than her. With a BS and a PhD in chemistry, she teaches Chemistry I and Chemistry II and makes CSM 101 an enjoyable and fun class.

Entering a Rumor: Chapter 5: Shattering Steel

“Roland sir, it seems that the traitor has allies.” The commander frowned, his eyes scanning the small clearing. The remains of a fire pit was still warm to touch, banked not an hour ago. The soft ground had given way to footsteps, how many he couldn’t tell. “Orders?”

“Get our best trackers on the trail. Itel is a risk to our clan. He knows far too many secrets and if the Liaru Clan finds out…..” Roland growled, his hands tightening on the reins of his horse. “The results will be disastrous.”

“You think the Loners have a hand in this, sir?” The soldier questioned quietly, his face pale as thought of the possible consequences. “You think Itel fell that far? The Loners consist of nothing but deserters and traitors!”

“No other clan would come out this far.” Roland snapped as one of his other unit members gestured in a direction. “Let’s end that traitor!

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