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Separation of Entertainment and Politics

Jimmy Kimmel’s politically charged monologues on healthcare and gun control have garnered many millions of viewers according to YouTube. He presents quite emotional cases for why we need the government to take action. It is not uncommon to hear of late night comedians going viral for their political monologues, proving there is a certain level…

The Danger of Identity Politics

Virtually everyone has heard of the Charlottesville protests and resulting violence. In the original protest, there were white supremacists, chanting vile statements such as, “Jews will not replace us.” The following day, the protests turned violent with the counter-protests like Antifa, and one of the white supremacists ran over many people with his car, killing…

Nick Sammons


With the election of Donald Trump as our president, I have heard some people wrongly say that the truth matters now more than ever. Truth and objectivity always matter, even if it goes against the side of the political spectrum you tend to fall on. I define objectivity in this column as equal treatment of…

Nick Sammons

DC Is Better

DC has received a lot of criticism for its movies “Batman vs. Superman” and “Suicide Squad,” while the MCU receives praise for every movie it puts out, good or bad. Do not be fooled. Now, I have not even seen “Suicide Squad,” and I realize it was a bad movie. However, “Batman vs Superman” was…

Nick Sammons


Censorship is long proclaimed as one of the worst moral crimes against the press or the people’s voice. Oppressive, in fact.  But where is the line drawn on what is and what is not censorship? I argue that censorship only occurs when the platform being controlled is a public platform. Twitter and Facebook have both…

Nick Sammons

Political Giant

Do you think President Donald Trump is a political giant? Or perhaps you think the Democrats or Republicans are political giants? If so, I think you are dead wrong. The real political giant is politics as a whole, which has become a black hole. Let me explain. Over a year ago, I started gaining interest…

Nick Sammons

Work and Reward

International Day- an event where people of different nationalities and cultures came together to experience different traditions- was held here at Mines around Thanksgiving Break. There was food, there were performances, and everyone was just being themselves. Needless to say, it was a great experience. Peru’s performance was a dance put on by two different…

Nick Sammons

The Will to Move

The human body has a will to move. From crawling to walking to running, individuals learn how to control their body and use it to accomplish tasks and goals. Somewhere in adulthood, exercise becomes non-essential to regular life. Where did we go wrong? Living without exercising emboldens a dangerous game: you get more time to…

Bill Nye

Featured Interview with Bill Nye

The following is a condensed version of The Oredigger’s interview with Bill Nye. What about science makes you so excited, and how can teachers get this across to students? Nye was excited right away with this question. His immediate response was “How can they not?!” He talked about how science is important for the future,…

Poli-ticking Me Off

The 2016 election has two of the most historically disliked candidates as front-runners. Chaos from both sides resulted in Clinton and Trump coming out on top, yet Democrats and Republicans alike are unsure about their candidates. How did this happen? How did the most disliked candidates become front-runners? In middle school and high school, the…

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