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Junior, Mechanical Engineering 2016. Proud Alpha Phi Fraternity member. Avid music listener. Fan of British film and literature. Looking to write about artists, entertainment, and activities on the verge of popularity. Love sports and beautiful Colorado.


Tycho – Awake

Producing music under the name of Tycho, Scott Hansen is an electronic musician and artist from Sacramento, California. His latest album, “Awake,” was released on March 18 of this year. It has been nearly two full years since the last full album release, “Dive,” which was unveiled in September of 2012.

The Modern Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been brought to life onscreen most recently by the BBC in the popular drama series “Sherlock.” Audiences around the world have been entertained by this 2010 fixture, now at the conclusion of the third season. Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly stars as Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson accompanying him on his journeys through London and beyond.

The Polar Express offers comforting Christmas feelings

Chris Van Allsburg wrote “The Polar Express” in 1985. This children’s book has become a Christmas classic. Children and adults alike all over the world have become enchanted with the story of a little boy who awakes in the middle of the night to find train outside his house, beckoning him to the North Pole. The book itself has beautiful illustrations that incorporate the darker shades that are associated with winter – rich reds, deep greys, thick greens. Each page draws the reader further and further into the story, building anticipation, just as if he was going on the same journey to the mystical North Pole as well. Like most children’s books, the physical size of the book is large and lends to an encompassing experience when flipping each wide page.


‘Hold On’ — Beach Girl Wanders onto the Dance Floor

Colbie Caillat released a new single this month entitled “Hold On.” The song was co-written and produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who worked with Caillat on her 2011 album, “All of You.” This new track has an entirely different sound than Caillat’s previous recordings. Fans of Caillat revel in her laid-back acoustically driven songs, fit for a summer day on the beach. This new single showcases Caillat in a different light, with club beats and strong rhythms layered behind her voice. Frequent listeners of Caillat may be slightly put off by this new single while listening to it for the first few times; however, fans of music can appreciate artists to be confident enough in their abilities and branch out from their comfort zones, experimenting with music in ways that they have never tried before.


HAIM – Days are Gone

The first full length album from Los Angeles sister trio, HAIM, was released on September 30th of this year. (For those unfamiliar with the band name, it is pronounced to rhyme with “time”). The band released their first single, “Don’t Save Me” November of last year. HAIM also released two EP’s entitled Forever and Falling prior to the full album release. Spanning what seemed an eternity of time from the first single to the first album, HAIM has fulfilled fan’s expectations with Day’s Are Gone. The band is comprised of Este Haim, Danielle Haim, Alana Haim, and drummer Dash Hutton. All three women contribute vocals and play instruments throughout the entire album. The ladies are in their twenties, and therefore in touch with many issues that are so very real in our world today revolving around romance: break-ups, make-ups, and self reflection to grow stronger for future experiences. HAIM writes all of their own songs, which makes the music all the more authentic and believable.


Romeo and Juliet Review

Ranking as one of the most prevalent love stories of all time, William Shakespeare’s epic tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet” resurfaces in a new movie release set for theaters October 11. The screenplay for this movie was written by Sir Julian Fellowes, creator of the famous PBS series Downton Abbey, and will appeal to viewers in their late teens through early twenties.

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