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Colorado Sounds 2: Free, fresh and local

In late 2009 The Oredigger’s music blog Something Like Sound released Colorado Sounds, a compilation of music from the Centennial State. Two years later Colorado Sounds Volume 2 is making its debut with an expanded roster and greater diversity of sound. The new release comes just weeks before Denver bands and fans swarm Austin, TX for the annual SXSW conference (where download cards for this free compilation will be liberally distributed). My hope is that this release will help stimulate minds and ears at CSM so that students might be willing to venture into the booming Denver music scene.

Tim’s Two Cents: Young, free and powerful

As a follow-up to last week’s editorial on current events, I’m dedicating this week’s column to everyone’s favorite concept: freedom. If event in Egypt have taught us anything it is this: true power lies within the wishes of the people, many of those people are our peers, and they have a much greater appreciation for freedom than we’ll ever be able to understand.

Tim’s Two Cents: On current events

I was only 1 year old when the Berlin Wall fell and freedom made its way into East Germany as the USSR began to crack. At the time I certainly could not perceive much, especially not the deep political implications of such a momentous occasion. It has been over 20 years since that international event and yet again we can observe people rising up to proclaim their own freedom over tyranny.

Tim’s Two Cents: Reaction Vs. Response

There is a reason I don’t watch political pundits on television: most simply act as reactionaries for their declared side. There is a reason they call paramedics “first responders” (I can only imagine how terrible life would be if we had to be rescued by “first reactors”). My point is this: at every level of social, political, and professional interaction there is a tension between the urge to react and the intellectual wherewithal to form a response.

Tim’s Two Cents: A return to form

It has been nearly a year since I penned an opinion piece for The Oredigger. Much has changed in that time and now I sit poised to finish my career at Mines and venture into “the real world.” The truth is toward the end of the original “Two Cents” series I began to lose steam and finding interesting topics of discussion simply took a back seat to school and life. Alas, being in my last semester I once again have time to (hopefully) stir up discussion on campus.

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