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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review

As my body sailed across the room from the one-hit kill, I reflected on how much time I had spent on this one boss and how much time I had spent on this game already. Make no mistake, Skyrim is a time sink like no other, but you will be too busy trying to kill dragons to care.

Skryim, the successor to Oblivion, and Morrowind before it, is a real-time RPG. Your left and right mouse buttons are bound to your (opposing) hands and you swing, draw your bow, block, cast a spell, etc. by clicking for the hand you wish to do an action with. This means battles become much more dynamic, as you attack, defend, and dodge based on the positioning of you and your enemy in the game world.

Portal 2 arrives and exceeds high expectations

Rogue AI, space-time holes, and black humour abound in Valve’s Portal 2, released 10 hours ahead of schedule late Monday night. Valve’s latest title, set some 300 or more years after the events of the first Portal, builds on the successes of the first game without relying strongly on them.The game still follows Chell, unwilling participant in Aperture Science’s testing. Using only her wits and the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, Chell once again attempts to escape the mad AI GLaDOS and all the death traps that litter the facility.

Grass is the new steel

Late at night, a sound sprays out across campus as nozzles rise up like primordial beasts from the ground and spread water across much of the campus. This serves in large part to water the already deep green blanket that is the grass on campus, but what most people do not know is that this is a secret experiment by the Environmental Engineering department on new building materials.

ASCSM discusses traditions, curriculum

While largely unattended, last Thursday’s Associated Students of the Colorado School of Mines (ASCSM) meeting discussed many new issues facing the student body including current discussions in the undergraduate council and the possibility of new traditions for students.

The idea of an activity credit is back in the undergraduate council, with the basic idea being that students would do eight semesters of activities (yet to be defined) that would be required for graduation but would not count towards students’ GPAs. This is meant to replace the current system of PA credit.

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