“Tech Transfer:” A witty tale of deceit

When the beloved president of Kershaw University died, the faculty fell into a state of worry. Their pet projects were coming under more scrutiny than they had ever imagined. From the secret army project to create soldiers who did not need sleep to research in the lifestyle of laboratory rats, no laboratory was safe from the prying eyes of newly-instituted president Mark Winner. However, this is only the beginning of the problems at Kershaw. Scheming professors, a scandal that nearly closed the medical school, and so much more have the potential to damage the reputation of a university that is only beginning to turn itself around.

An Abundance of Katherines

While it is never pleasant to be dumped, high school student Colin Singleton has a relationship history to rival even the nastiest of breakups. Beginning with his first girlfriend in the fourth grade, Colin has dated a total of 19 girls named Katherine—and unfortunately been dumped by every single one. When Katherine VIV (also known as K-19) breaks his heart, Colin sets out on a road trip of self-reflection to escape his sheltered town, analyze his relationship history, and just maybe figure out why “the Katherines” are ruling his life. Written from Colin’s perspective and alternating between his past and present experiences, John Green’s “An Abundance of Katherines” is a hilarious and light-hearted read guaranteed to appeal to the heart of any math and science nerd.


Book Review: Thirteen Moons

“Thirteen Moons” by Charles Frazier tells the story of Will Cooper, a twelve year old orphan that goes on a wild adventure. Will is sold into indentured servitude and, as part of his service, he is ordered to travel to the edge of the Cherokee Nation, where he will manage a trading post. On this adventure he inevitably encounters all kinds of unexpected adventures.



The Pacific Crest Trail (aka the PCT) stretches approximately 2,650 miles from the Mexican to the Canadian border. It travels through various terrains, including the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range. At age 26, Cheryl Strayed hiked from the Mojave Desert to the Bridge of the Gods alone, traveling around one thousand miles. “Wild” tells the extraordinary story of her journey on the Pacific Crest Trail. Although she hiked the trail in 1995, “Wild” was published in 2012, and since then her book has been quite the success, becoming a #1 New York Times Bestseller.


Thirteen Reasons Why

By all accounts, Clay Jensen seems like an ordinary, run of the mill high school student. But of course, that is how good stories begin. One day Clay returns home from school to find a box with his name on it and thirteen cassette tapes. These tapes were recorded by his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Clay is given a burden that he will struggle through. Hannah recorded thirteen tapes with the thirteen people outlining the reasons why she is dead. The tapes are passed from person one to person thirteen and only to the people who Hannah blames and talks about on the tapes. Hannah outlines her journey through the last couple of years via a map and landmarks, instructing the listener to go to each landmark as it is discussed. Though it pains him to do so, Clay will battle to listen to all thirteen tapes and follow Hannah’s instructions to different places all around town. From cafes to libraries and gas stations, Clay will piece together the mystery of why Hannah is gone and why his name is on the tapes too.

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