Cooking Corner

Date Night Recipes

By McKenna Larson Appetizer: A charcuterie board is a fun and delicious customizable appetizer for you and your valentine to enjoy. Here are some recommendations for delicious boards that can be customized to any diet: Cured meats like salamis, prosciutto, smoked salmon. This can be substituted for vegan meat alternatives like vegan chorizo or whatever…


Delicious desserts

  Dessert is indisputably the best part of any long day, a little burst of sweetness and joy. So many desserts take a nutritional toll and take a while to make but neither of these things should get in the way of enjoying a sweet treat. Desserts can have nutritional value, be easy to make,…


Vintage Almond Lemon Cake

A unique mix of flavors, this cake combines the sweet nuttiness of almond cake with a tart lemon custard. While the recipe is fairly in-depth and involved, the finished product is so delicious that it is well worth the extra effort. Cake Ingredients: 7 ounces almond paste 10 tablespoons margarine or butter ½ cup granulated sugar 4…

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