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Walnut Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a delicious treat and tasty snack and it can always pass as a socially acceptable breakfast food even though it is just cake. Maybe not the best way to reassure mothers who are worried about breakfast eating habits but what they do not know will not kill them! So enjoy this lovely cake that is so tasty that the next one might already be in the oven before the first has even disappeared completely. Whether it is being consumed with coffee, like the name suggests, or with hot chocolate, tea or milk, no matter what it is sure to be devoured far more quickly than you would have liked.

Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says fall quite like a tasty piece of pumpkin pie. Halloween tends to bring out pumpkins sitting on people’s front steps, and fall in general brings out pumpkin flavored everything. But there is nothing quite so traditional as eating a piece of pumpkin pie while wearing a scarf and probably some hot chocolate, coffee or tea in a mug nearby. Whether or not it is a tradition or brings back nostalgia, or even if you have never had it before, it is a great treat any day. It seems weird that we cook up what is technically a vegetable into a delicious sweet pie but there is no arguing that it is a phenomenal creation. Brace yourself for the icy winter that is surely coming and eat some pie and enjoy the lovely fall weather.

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Addictive Pumpkin Muffins

As the Fall weather settles in on campus, people are drawn to Autumn things. Whether this is a warm jacket,a pumpkin spice latte, or an additional blanket covering a bed, there is something drawing people in. One of the most common things people look forward to when the Fall weather comes calling is something pumpkiny. Pumpkin pie is a common staple anytime around Halloween or Thanksgiving but people can begin to hunger for it even as early as the end of September, depending on the Fall weather. But pumpkin pie is a little tricky to make and not great for the inevitably busy weeks everyone on campus is experiencing as mid-terms take hold. So instead of a pie, people can get their pumpkin fix from delicious pumpkin muffins. They are quite simple to make and taste delicious but they are also quick and easy to grab when heading to class. But be careful because these muffins are very addictive! They can disappear in seconds as they are wolfed down by hungry college students.


Colorado Chocolate Cake

This is the perfect recipe for any kind of special occasion. It is a little bit too much work for most people to do just for a random slice of cake but if it is a roommate’s birthday or the birthday of a significant other, it is a great way to impress them and earn some good brownie points, or in this case, cake points. Be prepared to dedicate a couple hours to creating this masterpiece, but once it is finished and presented on the table, no one will be able to deny how absolutely delicious it looks. Take a bite and let the deliciousness dissolve on your tongue. The best part of the recipe is that it is a quite large cake, so there will be plenty left over to eat for days afterwards, either as a good afternoon snack or for a not-so-healthy lunch.

Cooking Corner_ Falafel

Cooking Corner: Falafel

There is a common misconception that vegetarian food means bland food. While there are definitely vegetarian foods that can be bland, there are also plenty of meats that can be bland if cooked badly. One of the most delicious types of vegetarian food that can be very tasty and have great flavor is Falafel. Falafel is a Middle Eastern food made from chickpeas or garbanzo beans(same thing just two different names for them). This is a food that is very high in protein due to the beans used to make it. As a result, they are a perfect substitute for meat because it still provides a good source of protein. There are several ways in which falafel can be made, such as deep fried balls or as patties that can be eaten like burgers. Often times, falafel will be eaten with pita, which is a flat bread, hummus, a dip or spread made from smashed chickpeas or garbanzo beans, or a yogurt sauce. What better to eat than garbanzo beans with a side of more garbanzo beans? Falafel is a delicious, nutritious, and very filling meal that will be sure to leave everyone’s stomach happy, full and content.

Gooey Rolls

For anyone that is looking for a ‘socially acceptable’ breakfast that is essentially just sugar, covered in sugar, with a little extra sugar, then look no further than some delicious Gooey Rolls. People who have eaten monkey bread or cinnamon rolls can probably picture what this is. Basically, Gooey Rolls are just a sweet bread covered in sugar and cinnamon (possibly with pecans added in to pretend they are a little bit healthier). Whether or not they are being made just for a sugary breakfast or perhaps to fill a craving; either way they are sure to be delicious (assuming the recipe is followed correctly).


Summer Squash and Orange Muffins

When mothers drop their children off for a new year of school, they often leave behind vegetables in a futile attempt to get their kids to eat more healthily. Some vegetables, such as carrots or tomatoes, will be used pretty quickly. However, some vegetables no one knows what to do with. What if a summer squash gets left behind? This is a vegetable that no self-respecting college student even knows exists, so when they find one hanging out in the fridge, they wonder what to do with it. Some students may take that as a challenge to invent a delicious treat. One such invention is Summer Squash and Orange Muffins.


Mysterious Pasta Stuff and Garlic Bread

Ever been hungry and not sure what to make? Well, this is the perfect recipe for that. Most of the ingredients for this recipe are easy to come by and it is possible they might already be in the kitchen. Unfortunately, because of the fact that it was entirely made up on the spot, there are no specific measurements for the ingredients. Each ingredient’s measurement should be taken with a grain of salt, but be careful to not add too much salt.

Cooking Corner - Spicy Fried Chicken Picture

Spicy Fried Chicken

After a long day of work, there are few things that compare to a cold stiff drink and some homemade fried chicken. The defining characteristic of chicken as a protein in a meal is how mild the taste is, which lends itself well to being breaded, as is the case in fried chicken. Because chicken is a mild taste it can also have a range of spices added to it without overwhelming it. This recipe aims to combine these two ideas in a delectable, crunchy shell. Makes four pieces.

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