The Return of Doctor Who

Most will agree that it is soothing to slowly slip back into watching an old favorite show, especially when episodes resume their predictable schedule of airing each week. One could liken it to the feeling of putting on that first pair of fuzzy socks at the start of autumn – exciting, long awaited, and comfortable….


Bojack Horseman

“For some people life is one giant kick in the urethra.” This quote proves to be a defining portrayal of Netflix’s new original series Bojack Horseman. Cleared for its second season almost immediately, it’s an adult animated comedy by Bob Waksberg that follows the fictional, semi-famous, 90’s sitcom star from “Horsing Around,” Bojack Horseman, as he struggles to deal with his muddled spiral into unimportance. Voiced by Will Arnett, each thirty-minute episode covers Bojack’s often drunken escapades through a Hollywood where humanoid animals and mankind live in perfect ignorance. Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse, lives with his freeloading houseguest Todd, voiced by Aaron Paul (yes, from “Breaking Bad”), in an upper class abode in the Hollywood hills. While not in a drunken stupor Bojack is struggling to write his memoir with the help of his ghostwriter Diane, voiced by Alison Brie, and his agent/girlfriend Princes Caroline, a cat voiced by Amy Sedaris. These characters along with Bojack’s happy go lucky nemesis Mr. Peanutbutter, Paul F. Tompkins, provide the basis for story development, character growth, and, of course, the enormous amounts comedy.

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