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Go to Mines (women’s) basketball games

     A few Friday nights ago I was running late to the Mines women’s basketball game against MSU Denver because I was working on homework. I leave the Student Center at 6:02 (two minutes after the scheduled start time), walk across an empty pedestrian plaza and can hear a faint pre-recorded Star Spangled Banner reverberating from […]

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Helluva Hot Take: Career Day Culture

Another Career Day has come and gone, and at this point in my time here at Mines, I’ve become a little disillusioned.  Don’t get me wrong – looking back on my adventures into the void that is the CSM Career Fair, I see the benefits. I have gotten internships based on meeting employers in the […]

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The Oscars Just Don’t Care

Every year, the public receives another round of critically acclaimed films that supposedly deserve the chance to gain even more praise through the Academy Award Ceremony. They have seen all types of films over the decades, from controversial art pieces, to feel-good biopics, to films designed exclusively for entertainment that disregard the snobs creating the […]

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The Failure of Failure Friday

     When you first enter Mines failure might be a foreign concept. The school boasts high GPAs and extracurriculars of incoming freshman and current students. It is hard to look around and not see a complete stud at Mines. But Mines is not immune to the everyday problems that so many people have to face. While […]

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Graduation: We’re All in This Together*

*Except at graduation. For that we get divided into three separate groups We’ve officially made it a full week into the semester, and the countdown timer on my phone has started ticking towards this upcoming May and I’ve already started to visualize myself walking across a graduation stage (to be fair, half of those visualizations […]