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Minds at Mines: Winter Break

The days following Fall Finals are usually met with many hours of sleep by Mines students in an attempt to make up for the lack of sleep accumulated all year. But, with three and a half weeks of winter break between semesters, students find ways to get out and live their breaks to the fullest. This week, Minds at Mines asked returning students, “What was the best part of your break?”


Minds at Mines: Favorite class this semester

With only one full week of class remaining before Thanksgiving Break and only one week of class after the break, students are quite familiar with their classes to the point of wanting to be rid of them. The wave of registration last week was a reminder that a clean slate is on its way on a couple months. But while classes are certainly a large part of stress, students still have that class that keeps them interested each semester. This week The Oredigger asked, “What is your favorite class this semester?”


Minds at Mines: Government Shutdown

The 16-day U.S. government shutdown came and went. It was the first government shutdown in 17 years. Although being dealt with in Washington, the shutdown did affect some Colorado School of Mines students. For example, with national parks being closed, visiting them was off-limits during Fall Break. But the largest effect was the shutdown of information, as research, labs, and even summer internship searches were affected in some way. This week, Minds at Mines asked a few undergraduate students if they had been affected by the shutdown and how.


Minds at Mines: Favorite Element

The Mines campus is one of the few settings where nerds can talk about their favorite elements. Some are practical, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon while others are favorites of the explosive-loving students. Some elements are favorites purely because of their name, such as Krypton. This week, Minds at Mines went around campus asking, “What is your favorite element and why?”


Minds at MInes: Choice Hot Beverage

Autumn officially made its appearance on the calendar Sunday, and recent cooler weather has been a welcome change to those who enjoy hot beverages. Whether out of necessity for waking up during 8AM labs or for pure enjoyment while reading a book or doing homework, every person has their own personal favorite of hot drink. This week Minds at Minds sought to find out which drink was most popular among students.


Minds at Minds: CO Floods

It was a rough week for Colorado, as flooding caused by four straight days of rain occurred along the Front Range. Although Mines kids might have initially welcomed the change in weather, save the umbrella-less students running from class to class, the overflowing torrents likely changed most people’s minds. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What do you think about the floods?”


Minds at Mines: Bustling G-Town

Affectionately nicknamed, “Where the West Lives”, Golden provides its students and residents enjoyable activities to do year-round. Its proximity to the mountains and the metropolis of Denver offers many recreational opportunities all while maintaining the small-town charm of historic Golden. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What is your favorite thing to do around Golden?”

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