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Minds at Mines: Trying something new

As the school year begins anew, things both commonplace and exciting are no more. Summertime is but a pleasant memory – that summer job, staying in bed past six in the morning, going to bed late at night or early in the morning just for the heck of it, that concept formerly known as “free time…” Yet, as many good things do, it is not a surprise that summer too has come to an end. That said, the end of summer brings with it many new things, some good, others not so much. There are new classes, roommates, jobs, homework assignments, schools, and sleep schedules. New worries and anxiety ridden days and weeks before exams. In times like these, when it is tempting to mourn those lazy mornings and summer tans, it is important to remember that just because summer is over does not mean that there is no time to try some new, fun things as well. In addition to work and school, there is play. Perhaps it is a new club to try, a new plan for success, or a job from which personal satisfaction is derived – a chance to think every time a new piece of information is filed, “I don’t have to ask about a person’s desire for fries…” This week as the weather was kind enough to remind us of the bygone days of summer vacation, Minds at Mines wanted to know, Who’s trying something new?

What’s your Beef? 9-6-10

We need more PARKING.
Given the fact that the Q and F lots are almost never completely full, I will presume that you mean that we need more parking at locations nearer the classes you attend. Moving forward, long term parking (parking for those who live in the residents halls) will be migrated to the Q and F lots. That measure will be delayed by the fact that parking passes have already been allocated. However, there currently is an effort to persuade those living in the residents halls to park in those lots to allow those who commute to campus daily to have access to closer spaces. As to the oversold state of the General parking permits, there are plans to raise their price relative to Commuter parking so that General parking will not be quite so oversold.

OpinIan: Airlines, HP and Adobe Backward Compatibility

To give you some background, Tim Weilert left a vacancy when he ended his Two Cents column last week. So I, being a rather opinionated person with a couple of areas of expertise, have decided to step up and see whether anyone agrees with my analysis of various current events. my takes will be of a different style than Tim’s succinct nuggets, but we’ll see how this goes. Bear with me.

First, Continental Airlines and United Airlines are apparently merging. I’m a bit surprised that the two companies are coming together, but I guess that in this economic climate, and with the downward price pressure placed by the Frontier-Midwest coalition (soon to be simply Frontier) and Southwest Airlines, it’s merge or die. After all, the cool kids (Delta-NWA, Frontier-Midwest) are merging, so why not climb to the top of the airline heap by a merger of your own?

M.I.A.’s “Born Free” makes bold statement


Last Monday, musician M.I.A. released a 9-minute music video for her song “Born Free”. Shortly after, it was pulled off of Youtube due to its graphic violence and nudity. The video depicts the intensity of political violence and the horrors of genocide. Since Monday, there has been much controversy and debate on the content of this video. There is more that meets the eye, though, and the entirety of “Born Free” must be taken into account when forming an opinion on the video.

Though they make us uneasy, explicit representations of such real things are good for a sometimes necessary eye-opening. So, despite its graphic content, I support the creation of this video. 

My last article; A satirist’s goodbye

I have been contemplating what to write for my last Fool’s Gold article for YEARS. Should it be a quirky piece on the school and its students? Should it be a testimonial to how a certain staff member should have been fired years ago for a chronic history of brainlessness, harassment, too much cologne, and just being a horrible, horrible person to the core? Should it be a final, uplifting memoir to how great the school is and what it has taught me? Should it ask several questions about what the article should be about? Or should it simply be a heartfelt thanks to the school? I took the high road and went with the latter.

Mines campus happy

Reports of on-campus happiness have been flooding The Oredigger office. According to the latest sources, the anomaly occurred sometime last Thursday, though aftershocks of the event are still being felt. “I don’t know what came over me,” one student stammered, shortly after the happiness burst, “I mean, I really don’t know. I just sat down to do my homework and the sun was streaming into the window and the trees were covered in flowers and I closed my eyes, and suddenly everything was beautiful.”

What’s Your Beef: Parking and power cords


Why aren’t there power cords to rent in the digger den? Suggestion: Keep 4-5 extension cords in stock, and hold BlasterCard during rental.
Good news! There are now power strips available for check out at the Student Center Information Desk. Your BlasterCard will be held at the desk during the check-out period. Thanks for the suggestion!

What is the school doing for the students about parking?

Ashley Young, ASCSM Vice President and Chair of the Parking Services & Public Safety Committee answered as follows:

The School:

  • An outside (private) consulting firm was hired to evaluate our parking system and recommend changes for next year.
  • Parking Services recently rebalanced several of the freshman lots (Ford, the upper gravel lot) to include upperclassman parking spaces. In light of the recent construction, Parking Services has also juggled moving faculty and other reserved spaces around the campus.

Minds at Mines: After Finals

The number of classes left until summer arrives can be counted on one hand. Hooray! Happy dance, wild cavorting, parties, stress free… Oh wait. Summer may be tantalizingly near, but there is still a tremendous obstacle impeding its path. Not just a tremendous obstacle, but a behemoth, a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the way of happiness. It’s a stressing, pass-or-fail, will-I-get-an-A-or-will-I get-a-B-and-ruin-the-GPA-forever obstacle. It’s about losing the will to crack open that textbook for a last time… Egads! It’s almost finals. So, in true Mines fashion, let’s ignore the pink elephant in the room and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. After finals. The summer. Ah, happiness.

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