Snow Review

As the students of Colorado School of Mines have all undoubtedly noticed, there has been a little bit of snow lately. While snow can be pretty to look at, surely everyone can but in agreement that is hasn’t been the nicest thing to trudge through on the way to class. Anyone who has experienced pulling off wet freezing socks in a futile attempt to save a couple frostbitten toes should know that they aren’t the only student on campus to endure then; others can commiserate and share in the pain. The ice is cold, wet, annoying and yet for some reason it is still possible to love it a little bit (well some of us do), for no other reason than the wind seems to disappear while it is snowing.

Almost all little kids idolize the snow. There were a variety of reasons for this but the most prominent was because it was seen as a chance of freedom. With snow comes snow days, something even adults look forwards to. Who wouldn’t rather be spending their afternoon building snowmen and pelting their friends with lumpy chunks of cold wet snow? However, this is something that Mines students can only dream about. After the false alarm a few months back, everyone has been forced to come to the conclusion that the school refuses to let us live out our childish dreams of the snow. Instead, students have been packed into cage like rooms to listen to teachers drone on about something not nearly as interesting as the snow. Meanwhile outside, children can be seen running across Kafadar Commons, whether or not these children are real or just part of a remembered childhood is a mystery.

Growing up somewhere warmer, perhaps inside a volcano or in Texas, can make the snow seem completely and utterly perplexing, well then…get use to it because the state could be getting more snow as late as May. Welcome to Colorado, the land of bipolar weather, where it can go from snowing to 80°F in just a few hours. Anyone that does not understand how that can even be possible shouldn’t worry because plenty of people are also wondering the exact same thing. Colorado was blessed (or cursed) with this crazy weather so unless someone figures out how to control the weather (don’t forget, this is Mines — there is a chance it could actually happen) everyone is just going to have to put up with it. So head outside and make something of it, but not a snowman because it is to dry for that…or snowballs because they won’t stick together. Basically, our snow is pointless for anything other than blowing around and making us all cold and miserable. In a search for better snow? Then there are only two choices: either wait a few days for the snow to soften into a weird squishy mush or move to Canada. There is nothing anyone can do to avoid the snow without leaving Golden so just keep on going and hope it will disappear soon, hopefully without taking your extremities with it.

So with snow all around us there is just one thing left to do; go fill a travel mug with warm hot chocolate or coffee and head off to class.

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