Mines Registrar’s Office Leaks

Are you looking to build your perfect class schedule this Fall? Make sure to check out some of these new coursed offered by the Registrar’s Office this upcoming Fall. MEGN342. UNDERWATER BASKETWEAVING. 2.0 Semester Hr. (I, II) An introduction to the mechanics of artistic fiber basket design while inhibited by fluid dynamics and a situational…


Stop the Spice!

There is currently a growing grassroots movement among students around the food being served at Mines Market. Salt, and even more startlingly, other spices, are used daily in meals prepared by the Mines Market staff. The behavior and culture of preparing salted food are now being put down by a coalition of students calling for…

CS Updates IV

I hope something positive has happened to you since the last issue of “Updates in the CS World.” This sentence is a segue into the topic of this issue, which is nothing. Nothing, in particular, has happened which caused me to think, “Hey, the next column should be about this thing,” so now we’re here….

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