Odesza: A Moment Apart

In an era when it feels that anyone with a computer and some spare time can create their own music, music identity is becoming increasingly hard to create and develop. For Seattle’s own Odesza, this concept seemed to come together overnight. Through Summer’s Gone and In Return, Odesza made a name for themselves through a…

Dreadnaught artwork

Dreadnought Review

Dreadnought has been one of Denver’s most reliable local bands for the past few years. They can be found opening for almost any post-rock or math-rock show in the Denver Area. If these genres aren’t for you, Dreadnought might not be either; but for those who like long intricate instrumentals scattered with screams, Dreadnought might…

Denver Music Scene Review: Gleemer

The dream-pop genre has seldom been mentioned in the local music scene until recently, with Loveland-based group Gleemer taking the stage. Their unique sound tickles the senses with a brush of floating vocals, driving guitars and lyrics that feel as though they’ve been in your heart before you even put on your headphones. Gleemer’s talents…

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