Don’t Muddle Through Midterms

By Denali Klipstein

Midterm season is upon us! Now is the best time to put mental health first. Here are some tips to help de-stress and give your brain the break it deserves. 

  1. Have you checked out Betsy’s Friends Peer Educators?  They often set up booths in Pedestrian Plaza with free stress balls and fidget toys as well as hold low-stress events involving tea times, bob ross painting groups and educational programs on suicide prevention and overall student health here at Mines. 
  1. The Counseling Center is constantly holding workshops to help with different life skills that could be used to improve how you study, manage your time, and provide tactics to keep yourself balanced as the semester gets more difficult. 
  1. If you need to clear your head for an hour and a half, South Table is always the best for getting fresh air and a great view of Golden, (just make sure you hike during operating hours). If you’ve got more time on your hands, Triceratops Trail and North Table are other great trailheads to take a break from the academic setting. With a good playlist and a buddy, your mood can improve tenfold. 
  1. If you don’t have as much time on your hands, that’s okay! Sometimes as much as treating yourself to a Starbucks drink and sitting in the sun for 10 minutes is enough for a mental reset to attack the rest of your day. 

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