How can scientists better engage the public?

While scientists are among the most respected professionals in the public eye, it can be difficult for scientists to effectively explain their work and its implications to the average person. This difficulty leads to confusion among the public, and can overall worsen the image of scientists and the value of their work. Oftentimes concepts in…


Censorship is long proclaimed as one of the worst moral crimes against the press or the people’s voice. Oppressive, in fact.  But where is the line drawn on what is and what is not censorship? I argue that censorship only occurs when the platform being controlled is a public platform. Twitter and Facebook have both…

Letter to the Editor: 4/15/13

In my opinion, the student body at Mines seems to have a problem with defining personal space and pigheadedness, particularly on the main sidewalks between classes. I have been run into countless times from lazy students who refuse to respect their half of the sidewalk and move out of the way. This problem is greatly intensified by the presence of snow. The limited walking space created by snow barriers leads to an excess number of physical collisions because students are adamant about standing their ground and not moving to their half of the sidewalk. I understand that they maybe mid-conversation with a friend but I believe it is the respectful thing to move either in front of or behind the person you are walking with to avoid running into someone else.

Letter to Jared

Last weekend my son Adam and I flew from Boston to attend a Discover Mines day. After enjoying a morning full of opportunities to look through people, not smile, and not hold doors, we decided to get something to eat at the Slate Café. We were scanning The Oredigger (2/11/13), munching ore-burgers, and lamenting our fast-fading fake tans when we came across your Grinds My Gears article about how much people from the Northeast annoy you. After reading it we have decided to change our lives. From now on we will say hello to everyone, everywhere, all the time. This will probably get us killed on the subway back home, but hey, attempting to change social norms is not without risk.

Letter to the Editor: 2/11/13

Perhaps you have heard the story about how to boil a frog without having him jump out of the pot. You just raise the temperature so slowly that he doesn’t get so agitated that he jumps out. Folks we are that frog and the pot that we getting heated in is our very own earth. If we don’t do more than we are now, we are going to get boiled! In spite of the small but vocal opposition say, there is no doubt that we, or rather the CO2 we emit in our energy systems, are the cause.

Letter to the Editor: Occupy Response

Parker’s article concerning the Occupy Movement is a typical opinion based entirely inside the mind of someone that has been inculcated by our current technocratic society, without regard for a historical reference as to why “the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%” are behaving as they are. The following comes from page 580 of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States:

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