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Robert Rush  Late this summer, the Covid-19 Delta Variant, which ravaged India earlier this year, brought a whole new surge of the coronavirus, or in layman’s terms the “coof.” Due to this variant, the School of Mines is currently having some mask policies to curb the potential spread of this variant, and the state of…


Headlines from Around the World: 3-16-15

Four ExxonMobil workers have received minor injuries during a refinery explosion in Torrance, California. As of yet, the cause of the explosion has not been determined, though the California Department of Industrial Relations has opened a probe to investigate the matter. The explosion, as well as the recent walkout by United Steelworkers from a Tesoro Corp…

Headlines from Around the World: 11/10/14

Election Day was November 4 and the Republicans were the big winners. 62% of elected Governors in the US are now Republicans, 56% of the elected House of Representatives are Republicans, and 52% of the elected Senate is Republicans (CNN). Republicans swept state legislative races by winning control of more than 68 legislative chambers, largest since 1920 (CNN). In addition, Ms. Mia Love narrowly won election to a House seat for Utah, becoming the first black woman to represent the Republican Party in Congress. For Colorado in the Senate, Cory Gardner (Republican) defeated Mark Udall (Democrat) by 48.5% to 46.0%. Governor John Hickenlooper (Democrat) was re-elected as governor defeating Bob Beauprez (Republican) 49% to 46%. The governor became the only Democrat to win the statewide contest and one of the few bright spots for the Democrats. “This is a moment and an opportunity to seize the day and to move forward,” Hickenlooper said, “Not to dwell on the wedge issues that too often divide us.” Hickenlooper’s opponent, Beauprez acknowledged, “There just aren’t enough options to get us across the finish line.” Beauprez said that he failed to capture the energy and could not offer a “fresh face” for voters.

Headlines from Around the World: 11/02/14

Nurse Kaci Hickox, who recently returned to the US after treating Ebola patients, went on a bike ride while being followed by a police cruiser and a group of journalists watching her every move. Maine Governor Paul LePage said that he would “exercise the full extent of his authority allowable by law to keep her away from public places.” The governor has not set a court order for a quarantine, which is causing some people living in her neighborhood to panic. However, Hickox insisted that she was healthy. The government has yet to announce actions to be taken.

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