Swing Dancing Club

By Denali Klipstein

The Mines Country Swing Dance Club knows how to hoedown. Every Tuesday from 6-8 this group meets in the Student Rec Center to learn anything from building tension with a dance partner to leaping into the air and being caught into a graceful dip. Along with that, they hold broader social events held with the entire Mines Ballroom Dance, inviting people with different skills to come together and dance the night away. The other dances the overarching Ballroom Dance Club teaches involve Classic Swing, Waltz, Tango, Latin and even K-Pop. Events such as the homecoming beach ball to group meet ups where they get together in any open space are a really easy way to meet new people and enjoy some free snacks. 

But WAIT, there’s more? 

What makes the Swing Dance Club stand out is their weekly Sunday excursion to the Grizzly Rose, a country club about 20 minutes towards Denver. Sunday is the day to go because they allow people of all ages to enter and provide free water cups and plenty of activities for everyone’s entertainment.  With upperclassmen offering open car seats to other members, they leave at 9pm to go enjoy live music, line and swing dances, bull riding and lasso throwing, and don’t come back until 11-12. 

From the wooden interior covered in neon lights to the sound of country music blasting the always packed dance floor, the Grizzly Rose is worth the trip and the 10$ entrance fee. And going with other club members makes it all the more fun! After having built connections and bonds with others there, dancing becomes a night overfilled with laughter and delight for people of all levels of experience. 

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