Meet the Editorial Board

Editorial Board of The Oredigger Newspaper

Shannon Keohane: Editor-in-Chief

Sophia Becker: News Editor

John Cook: Opinion Editor

Zachary Barry: Arts and Culture Editor

Jimmy Betsill: Sports Editor

Sophia Becker: Advertising Editor

Eli Evers: Social Media Manager

Staff Writers:

Louis Cogan

Shane Cranor

Lucy Davis

Rachel Kelley

Aidan Lewis

Caleb Pan

Katherine Peck

Isabel Whitehead

Nicholas Woodward



The Oredigger seeks to inform its readers accurately as to items of interest and importance.

The staff strives to uphold the principles of journalism and all its proceedings. Unsigned editorials are the opinion of The Oredigger Staff and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Colorado School of Mines.

Please send letters to the editor to Letters must include the author’s full name and the use of pen names is not permitted. Unsigned letters will not be printed and letters will be edited for length, clarity, taste and accuracy.

Please send advertising questions to

Office Telephone: (704) 778 – 2015


Standard Mail: 1600 Maple St., Golden, CO, 80401

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  1. May 9, 2015 @ 11:26 am Rob

    Did the newspaper permanently get rid of the ‘classifieds’ section?

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