Thorson Wellness Design Expo

By Denali Klipstein

Mark your calendar! On November 17th in Student Ballroom A the Freshman year Thorson Honors class will be holding a design expo targeted to improving mental wellness at Mines. Between 10:30-1:00 come down to the student center and take a peek at the things students have been working on and demo some Zen spaces to clear your mind. Your feedback is well needed to make improvements to campus and inspire some unconventional ideas to manage the stressors of everyday life.

If you can’t make it, no worries, my advice as someone from the class to help stay balanced involves being creative. Take up a side project involving the arts or some sort of craft to allow you to express yourself. Something small that doesn’t require a lot of time, or you can consistently come back to not limited to painting, drawing, coloring, creating a sculpture out of spare cardboard, crocheting, or building with Legos.

Find a new spot to just exist! People watch or do some mindful breathing as you allow your brain to take a break from the constant grind. Watch the wind in the trees or walk aimlessly until the breath in your lungs begins to feel refreshing. Even with the cold weather, moving around can be great at taking yourself out of a working space into something that can clear your focus and prioritize! Taking things little steps at a time is much more gratifying than becoming overwhelmed by the bigger picture. No harm in taking that little walk. Bonus: The more movement you do in a day, the better you will sleep that night.

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