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Philanthro-Tank Finalists: MLT, Robotics Club

As students and faculty at Mines are often painfully aware, money makes the world go ‘round. All projects, equipment, classes, and trips need some form of funding to get them started and keep them running. Good ideas frequently go nowhere without cash, and this is where the Mines Philanthropy Council’s Philanthro-Tank event comes in. The […]

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Mindful Mondays Bring Stress Relief to Campus

As nearly everyone at Mines knows, life at engineering school can be quite stressful. Students and faculty members alike find various methods of dealing with this stress. The Counseling Center and the Organization of Meditators at Mines (O.M.M.) have partnered to introduce another option for people looking to calm their nerves: Mindful Mondays. Each Mindful […]

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Hurricane Harvey Affects Mines Community in a Variety of Ways

While southeast Texas is hundreds of miles from Mines, Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact hits close to home for many CSM alumni, students, and industries. Hurricane Harvey was the third hurricane of the 2017 hurricane season and was the first major hurricane (classified as a category 3 or stronger) to hit the United States since Hurricanes […]