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This Week in Colorado: Dances for Dead Presidents

“The road which will make Colorado famous” was rapidly coming together this week in 1912 and reports indicated it would be open ahead of schedule. The Golden-Idaho Springs boulevard, most especially the Lookout Mountain and Mount Zion section, was to be “finished for traffic by the first of July,” reported “The Colorado Transcript.” Work at the time was in process somewhere between Lookout Mountain and Floyd Hill.

Song Review: The Electric Dream (Jonathan Gering Remix) – Mord Fustang

Jonathan Gering has remixed the “Electric Dream,” by Mord Fustang, and the product is an exceptional, melodious experience. The odd song title and artist, as well as the fact that this song is a remix, may be unappealing to most. However, it is a feel good song that has variety and up-beats, making it very stimulating. The original song by Mord Fustang is significantly different from this version, but definite similarity between the two songs can be drawn. The title accurately reflects the mood and atmosphere of the song, as at times it feels very dream like, which leaves the listener in a state of reverie.

Heavy Metal Review

Animated shows and movies have been stereotyped as children’s fare since the 1960s. As such, few animated films try to cater to an adult audience even though adults in the United States are slowly accepting them. “Heavy Metal” is one of those adult films, and it is an interesting ride from start to finish.
The movie starts with a space shuttle releasing a car from its cargo hold and an astronaut piloting the car to Earth. This is a prime and well-done example of the trope “Rule of Cool.” This establishes the movie’s tone: just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Harveys pay it forward through scholarship

The saying “paying it forward” is one most everyone has heard. According to Wikipedia, to “pay it forward” means to ask the beneficiary of a good deed to “repay” it to others instead of to the original benefactor. It is a good theory, but how many of us actually take it to heart? Well, for myself and 25 other students here at Mines, this saying has made a huge impact on our lives. The “pay it forward” concept has been started, and it is now an experiment of some sort, to see how far it can spread. The two people responsible for this spread are Mines Alum Hugh Harvey and his wife, Michelle.


Geek of the week: Chris Thiebaud

It’s no secret that geeks commonly populate the Mines campus. This week’s geek, Chemical Engineering major Chris Thiebaud, attaches himself to a nearly permanent fixture of gamers who gather around tables in Digger Den, laughing, comparing strategies, and shooting anything that gets in their way… except the lag, of course. This week, Thiebaud took time between running and gunning for a virtual mafia and covering lanes with online heroes to prove to the Oredigger that the gamers in Digger can and do say more than calling “hax!”

FTL Review

Steam is laden with many games. As a result, it can be difficult for a certain game to stand out in the crowd. If one looks hard enough, though, it is possible to find a gem. “FTL: Faster Than Light” is one of those gems. It is an independent game developed solely from Kickstarter money. Many invested in this game, and they got a fun and very challenging game that is well worth the expense.

Comic Corner: Flashpoint

Flashpoint was, appropriately enough, a relatively quick event (only five issues in the main series) that managed to have a fairly massive effect on the DC Universe. Though there were several tie-ins and crossovers, this review will focus on the main series, which was written by one of comic’s more well-known and highly talented writers, Geoff Jones, and which centers around Barry Allen, the Flash: fastest man alive.

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