Date Night Recipes

By McKenna Larson Appetizer: A charcuterie board is a fun and delicious customizable appetizer for you and your valentine to enjoy. Here are some recommendations for delicious boards that can be customized to any diet: Cured meats like salamis, prosciutto, smoked salmon. This can be substituted for vegan meat alternatives like vegan chorizo or whatever…

How to Be Your Own Hero

By McKenna Larson Many students at Mines want to change the world in some way, but that is a daunting task full of pitfalls at every turn. We are bombarded by terrible news of Earth-shattering events daily which make thoughts of saving the world utterly unattainable. These overwhelming goals can also lead to the neglect…

Percentage of students surveyed who used a given source for news. Graphic by Lucy Davis.

Mines news survey

The author of this article conducted a survey of 42 Mines students regarding their consumption of news media. While the survey was not rigorously scientific, the author did his best to conduct the survey in an impartial manner randomly selecting participants in the Ben Parker Student Center and asking each participant the same questions in…

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