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Mabon: How an Ancient Holiday can Impact us Today

The Autumn Equinox is upon us, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from North to South, day and night are equal in length, and the darker half of the year begins. This day has been celebrated throughout history by a plethora of different societies, peoples, and religions. Cultural traditions across the world observe equinoxes, […]

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The Origin of Pumpkin Spice

Ah, pumpkin spice. If a leaf falls onto the ground and teenage girls don’t go rabid at Starbucks, is it even autumn? Today, pumpkin spice products generate $500 million in annual sales. Love it, hate it, great whatever. But where did it come from exactly…? We need to take a step back first: what is […]


Mines news survey

The author of this article conducted a survey of 42 Mines students regarding their consumption of news media. While the survey was not rigorously scientific, the author did his best to conduct the survey in an impartial manner randomly selecting participants in the Ben Parker Student Center and asking each participant the same questions in […]

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The curse of knowledge

How we outsmart ourselves through a look at films with plot twists. Warning: If you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects, spoilers lie ahead. When we view a film, read a book, or assess a situation, our perception is filtered by a perspective cultivated by a lifetime of experiences which ultimately results […]

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Mines Little Theater’s Fall Season Comes to a Close With She Kills Monsters

You find yourself seeking shelter from the stress of studying by visiting one of your favorite cafés. Once there you notice a troupe of performers form the local theater: what do you do? Upon investigating, you come to learn that they have just finished performing the last of their fall shows. One of the performers […]

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Undergraduate Student Government: The first step to engineering change

Change on campus is constant. Departments shift their faculty, funds and fees change with campus initiatives, each new class of students has different expectations of Mines than the ones before. Understanding those changes takes a great deal of work and commitment, but getting involved in making those changes is easy to do: get involved with […]

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Silence isn’t Golden: National Service Week with Alpha Phi Omega

Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country with a record of 1,175 deaths by suicide in 2017, according to the Colorado Health Institute. The Colorado School of Mines’ chapter of Alpha Phi Omega believes that the conversation around mental health and suicide prevention must continue with a raised volume because “Silence […]

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Satire: Pokémon Go wants to kill you

It was a clear but dark night when a freshman Pokémon Go enthusiast, who asked he be known as Jimbothy Morgan, was nearly killed because of the game he used to love. In an interview Morgan told me he was staring at his bright phone screen hunting animated Japanese animals with friends when he got […]

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2018 Horror-Scopes: Astro-logged by Bob the Astrologer

Scorpio: It is entirely possible I was wrong about this issue’s publish date in last issue’s horoscope. I, therefore, may have possibly ranted to you about not having a good time to write the Horror-scopes this year given the time problems. Whelp, guess I was wrong. Uh… surprise?  Happy Halloween? Sagittarius: Your Halloween creature this […]

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Jacob’s to-do-by-graduation checklist

You only have four years in college (or four and a half, or five…) and you need to make the most of them. As an Oredigger, you are a student at one of the most premier universities in the world. It’s too easy to get caught up in the grind of labs, homework, and tests- […]