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Public Art Spotlight- Energy

This issue, the public art spotlight will be focused on one of the pieces that inspired the last arts and culture section editor to start this column. It’s a mysterious piece, that depending on which parts of the building it’s housed in you frequent, you may not even have seen all of it yet. Even […]

Community Spotlight

You mean to tell me that Green Center is open?

From the summer of 2017 to November of 2019, when International Day was hosted there, Green Center sat dormant. While it was closed to students, construction workers were removing asbestos, resealing the roof, and remodeling. Now with the first and second floors finished and the international office to Green Center moving to Suite 219, the […]

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Spring Career Day Tips

Spring career day is quickly approaching, falling on Tuesday, February 4Th this year. Students who attend will have the chance to network with over 200 companies. In my opinion, the opportunity to network with so many companies who want to hire Colorado School of Mines students during fall and spring career day is one of […]


Newest Pokemon Games to Receive Paid DLC

During their January ninth livestream, the Pokémon company made an announcement that came as a surprise to many fans, Pokémon Sword and Shield would receive not just one but two paid additions to the game later this year. Never before had a Pokémon game received a major content addition after launch, free or paid. Pokémon […]

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Advice From Your Mines Student

The Oredigger would like to welcome parents and other family members of Colorado School of Mines students to campus for family weekend. Over the past three months, every student on campus has been working hard to learn a wide variety of things from chemistry to economics. In the spirit of learning this article is dedicated […]

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Zombie outbreak on Mines campus

Mines has a history of zombie outbreaks and according to reputable sources, another outbreak is scheduled for the week of Halloween. Don’t worry, the outbreak will not interfere with normal campus activities. The Oredigger has been informed that there is no reason to fear the undead, in fact, the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is actively […]

Entertainment Television

Championship title ends Pallet Town’s 22-year conference drought

After 22 years, one of the greatest underdogs in history has managed to win their first official league title. The team struggled in the final round of the intense competition, but their determination finally managed to carry them to victory. It was an emotional victory made more touching amidst rumors that the coach would be […]

Mines History

From the Archive: The evolution of a tradition

     Before the school year starts at Colorado School of Mines the freshmen class don hardhats, line up with rocks from each student’s hometown, and march up Mount Zion to add those rocks to the “M”. Every student on campus can recall when they took part in this traditional pilgrimage. However, much of the […]


Public Art: The Greeting

   When most students are asked about the first piece of public art they saw on campus is, the majority is likely to give the same answer. The large statue located in the center of the pedestrian plaza, titled The Greeting, is one of the most recognizable pieces of public art on campus. Made of […]

News Scientific Discoveries

Scientists discover two new DNA nucleotides

    Since the dawn of man, humans have long pondered not only if life existed on other planets, but also what that life would look like. For most people, this question conjures up images of green men with advanced technology. For most biologists who ask, “what do organisms that evolved on distant planets look […]