Geek of the Week


Geek of the Week: Deborah Good, Engineering Physics Senior

After two months at Mines, senior Deborah Good knew she wanted to some day be the Geek of the Week. However, in those two months Good began writing for The Oredigger, and then became an editor and finally was selected as editor-in-chief for the 2013-2014 school year. She always saw her being Geek of the Week as a conflict of interest, but the dream lived on. Now that Good has completed her editor-in-chief duties and is preparing to graduate, that dream can finally come true.


Geek of the Week: Libby Booton

Juggling two jobs, multiple clubs and cheerleading with Mines coursework is no easy feat. Arvada native and Mines sophomore in Engineering Physics Libby Booton does just that. Booton works as a TA for Physics 100 and teaches dance to children at the APEX center in Arvada. Between practices for the Mines Cheerleading team and meetings for various on-campus clubs, The Oredigger caught up with Libby to discuss her geekiness and love for Mines.


Geek of the Week: Andrew Hyde (Super Senior, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Enjoyably nerdy as Mines can be, many geeks spend their time here trying desperately to escape this school as fast as possible. Some succeed, some do not. Others take their time in the academic realm, get the most they can out of their education, and pass on as much hard-earned wisdom as they can to underclassmen. Somewhere in the middle of those lies Andrew Hyde.


Geek of the Week: Anna Bond

Some geeks are obsessed and fascinated by their studies, and some have watched Star Wars countless times. Anna Bond is both. In her third year at Mines, she seems to have found true geophysical happiness as classes have grown more interesting for her, fulfilling some curiosity that has been in her heart from a young age. Between leadership meetings for the Alpha Phi sorority and deriving the telegrapher’s equation for a magnetic field, The Oredigger caught up with Anna to talk about her geekiness that may not be well-known.

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