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Sound Remedy

SOUND REMEDY lit up the stage on Friday night, delivering a stellar performance of his signature electronic musical talents. SOUND REMEDY perfectly intermixes his own original songs, such as Liberation and Chiaroscuro with remixes of songs created by other artists. SOUND REMEDY has enchanting remixes to some of the most current popular songs. To name a few favorites, SOUND REMEDY lends his creative influence to Ellie Goulding’s cover of an Active Child song, Hanging On. While this is a lesser know Ellie Goulding song, it is definitely gaining popularity despite its release in 2012.

PHOTO BY COHEN TURNER_Singing Fight Song After Ore Cart's Arrival

Ore-Cart Pull: A Walk to Remember

Waking up at seven in the morning with the intention of walking eight miles down Colfax Avenue to the capitol building does not sound like the most appealing of plans; but throw hundreds of Mines students, an ore cart and free burritos into the mix and that eight mile march becomes a can’t miss Mines tradition.


Cardboard Boat Race 2014

The E-Days Cardboard Boat Race found people gathering on the sides of Clear Creek on Saturday morning. The morning provided excellent weather for the race; however, the water of Clear Creek was a little chilly. After their races, various contestants stated that their legs were still shaking and tense after about an hour. But that is what happens when people try to sail down a river two days after a snow storm. Luckily for all of the contestants and for the school, no one was harmed during the cardboard boat race.

Alpha-Traz Review

The Iota Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi at the Colorado School of Mines hosted Alpha-Traz, the annual Alpha Phi International Philanthropy event which raises money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, champion of women’s heart health. The event was moved from its original location on Kafadar Commons to the Alpha Phi House due to the rainy weather forecast. Nevertheless, the event was an astronomical success. Over seven thousand dollars were raised which exceeded the goal of five thousand dollars.

Fee Increase = More E-Days

As some readers no doubt know, USG voted unanimously to increase student fees to $100 during a joint operating meeting. The fee increase passed despite a unanimous no vote from the smaller GSG delegation. This extremely unusual split highlights how out of touch and self interested GSG has become.

Sustainability at Mines

There are good reasons to believe that humans have some ethical obligations with respect to the environment. This claim is true even if we believe that our only direct obligations are toward other human beings. For example, biodiversity plays an important role in the health of our food and water supply and in the development of modern medicine. So, doing right by the environment and promoting biodiversity, in addition to being good for nonhuman organisms, can be seen as a means to the end of meet our obligation to promote human flourishing. Other obligations that we might have toward the environment include reducing consumption of energy and the use of other products that use large amounts of natural resources, working toward minimizing the suffering of animals, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions to curb the effects of climate change.

Scientific discoveries this week: 4/7/14

La Serena, Chile – Researchers at the Las Campanas Observatory outside of La Serena, Chile, have observed six luminous blue stars in the leading section of the Magellanic Stream. The stars are believed to be new, coming from the gas of the Magellanic Clouds, as they are too new to have come from any other place in space. The Magellanic Clouds are two nearby galaxies that unlike other nearby systems in that they are full with gas capable of forming stars.

Hennebach Lecture – Ryan Davison

On March 5th, Dr Ryan Davison of the American Chemical Society (ACS) came to speak about how science-related political policy is made. Davison is the Advocacy Manager in the ACS’s Office of Public Affairs, which means it is his job to educate legislators about the issues pertinent to science and engineering. The ACS is the largest scientific society in the world, so it often serves as the voice of the scientist on Capitol Hill.

Headlines from around the world: 4/7/14

The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision has struck down the decades-old aggregate political spending cap on a First Amendment basis. While the $2600 per candidate per election limit is still legal, individuals are no longer limited in the total amount of political contributions that can be made every two years. Justice Breyer, in his dissenting opinion writes that the ruling would allow “a single individual to contribute millions of dollars to a political party or to a candidate’s campaign”.

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